Outfit: All About Olive

Fall is truly upon us here in NYC, but if you’re from New England you know the weather changes every hour if not every minute. While somedays we have perfect crisp weather we can easily go back to heat and humidity (aka what the rest of this week will be like). 

If it hasn’t been evident enough in the last few weeks, let it be known that I am ready for boots, sweaters, and jackets. I have a new buffalo plaid peacoat hanging in my closet that is just begging to be worn. For now though, I’m trying to embrace fall in a few others ways so that I don’t fry as I walk through the streets of New York. The easiest trick to integrating a little fall into your daily wardrobe is through color. Whether you’re living in Florida or already chilly Maine the addition of a little olive or burnt orange is just enough to bring you into the new season. 
It’s honestly embarrassing how much I buy in olive when fall comes around each year. Jackets, pants, blouses, and now even skirts in the color have invaded my closet. This skirt I picked up from Banana Republic (on sale!!) has been the best transitional piece this past month. It looks adorable with boots and blazers, but it also brought a little fall to my very summery look shown here. This time of year I always have a jacket with me or a long sleeve shirt tied around my waist because you’ll never know when that New England weather will decide to change it’s mind. 
Also, a little PSA – Old Navy is currently having an amazing sale that ends tomorrow. You can get one item for 40% off and then everything is also 20% off or more! I honestly live in this striped tee and it’s only $12 right now. I also might pull the trigger on this varsity sweater and this plaid popver 

(and some of my favorite olive pieces!)

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