Orange Convert

If any color is out of my comfort zone it’s orange, but after trying this topcoat on I had to have it.

I’ve begun working more and more color back into my wardrobe lately, but one color that has always seemed a bit too scary is orange. It’s one of those colors that can so easily go wrong and look too Halloweeny (especially when paired with black, which is still a large part of my wardrobe), so I never thought I’d find a piece that would fit so perfectly in my closet. That is, until I found this topcoat as part of the Zara sale. While it’s not orange orange, the burnt orange color makes me feel as though I’m finally taking a step towards really having a colorful wardrobe. It even somehow worked perfectly with an all black look. To top it off I threw on my ‘make me feel cool’ booties and now I’m a full (burnt) orange convert.

Hope you’re all doing well post-weekend! I’m feeling both exhausted and completely refreshed thanks to all the fresh air I got this weekend wandering around in the 50° temps!


*sadly I cannot find this coat anywhere online, so I’m linking to a bunch of similar options

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