Before I go into all things Fashion Week I want to take a pause in memory of all those who lost their lives on September 11, 2001.  I can’t live in NYC on this day, or really any day, without remembering what happened here 14 years ago. Since starting at NYU this city has really become my home and it has been truly amazing to watch it continue to grow and shine. The Freedom Tower is one of the first things I see every morning as I walk out my door and it reminds me not only of those who gave their lives, but also those who fought to ensure a horrible act would not defeat New York City. While I know we won’t ever forget 9/11 (rightly so) I want to thank everyone who has made New York greater than the events of that day so that this city could be as amazing a home as it is today.

Now back to all things fashion… New York Fashion Week started yesterday!

While I will not be sitting front row (or even in an obscured back standing section) at any shows or events I’m actually feeling extra excited this time around. I don’t know what it is, but there seems to be more buzz around NYFW this fall than I’ve ever felt before. Maybe it’s the fact that the locations have completely changed or that there is a super cool new app to help us keep up with it all, but it’s all just seems so exciting. Fashion Week is more accessible than ever for us ‘common folk’ and I’m really soaking it all up. I honestly spent all of last night ignoring other responsibilities and switching between the Patriots opening game and NYFW recaps.

Much of the reason I’ve been getting so excited for this season’s fashion week is all of the ah-mazing articles I’ve been reading around the internet. Whether or not you love the fashion part of fashion week or just think the marketing/exclusivity/business of the whole thing is interesting (my marketing student nerdiness is coming through) all of these articles are incredibly interesting. Keep reading for my favorite NYFW resources and articles!

– The App! Download it here and stay updated on all the shows
– Instagram (I mean duh!) Start off with #NYFW15 and #SS16, but there should also be a new section starting today with the best of NYFW so that you don’t have to filter through all the BS
– Snapchat is one of my favorite platforms. For NYFW you must follow Damsel in Dior. She’s not only hilarious with a great wardrobe, but she also has plenty of show invites!
Vogue Runway (formerly Style.com) posts great pictures and recaps of shows after the fact if you want to get better views of the looks than you will on the live streams.

– Why Live Streaming is the Future of Fashion Week from Racked makes me wonder if we’re already in the future
– An oldie but goodie: Hallie Wilson’s 11 Lessons NYFW Taught Me
This editor shared an amazing editorial about her love-hate relationship with Fashion Week. You’ll love her harsh yet loving analysis of the week
BoF shares why brands are changing their slots, and most importantly why Givenchy is showing at NYFW this year

I’ll definitely have some more updates for you all as Fashion Month continues. I’m hoping to poke around some of the new NYFW locations this weekend, especially since one of them is a ten minute walk from home (aka no excuses). If you have any thoughts about the NYFW changes please write them in the comments. I want to hear what everyone is thinking!

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