NYC Style Envy

Visiting NYC is definitely an experience that makes you feel like however hard you tree you’ll never have the style, elegance, and attitude of a New Yorker. The city is filled with hundreds of thousands of stylish women, so you can easily feel lost in the crowd. I also had a difference experience this visit since in the back of my mind I was trying to figure out some essentials for city living, since it is much different than my life in suburbia. 

A few things I noticed are:
1) New Yorkers have some serious shoes. When you are walking everywhere you need good shoes (meaning high quality and comfort). I saw at least a hundred pairs of white converse and even more pairs of ankle boots. 
2) I need a leather jacket. Hands down, number one thing to get. Every other woman was wearing one, but in different styles. I love the jacket above from Zara. 
3) Baseball caps are most definitely in. While people in New York like to sport their Yankees caps, I’m a Bostonian at heart and would go for a Red Sox option.
4) A nice leather bag is a necessary item. I guess this is sort of common sense, but a medium size hand bag seemed like the best bag to use every day. 
5) Casual can look stylish. Layer on those tshirts and scarves. 
6) Everyone needs sunglasses. In my opinion Ray Bans are the best choice, but any pair will do. I never buy expensive pairs since I tend to drop/break my glasses. By the time we were leaving the city, though, I realized how harsh the sunlight can be in the city and will definitely be getting a good pair of sunnies. 

~ Caroline
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