New England Fall

There is something about Fall in New England that no other place in the world can match, a fact I only realized after leaving Massachusetts for school in New York. If you follow my instagram then you know I left the city for a few days this weekend to spend some time at home with my family and friends. After a grueling 6 hour bus ride home Friday night I was questioning whether coming home for just a few days was really worth it. However, Saturday morning I woke up seeing beautiful red and yellow leaves outside my window and smelling my mom’s incredible french toast cooking downstairs and I realized a few days at home would be perfect. 

One of the things I didn’t realize I would miss was fall in my little New England town. Driving through winding roads with small farms and old rock walls is something you just don’t get in the city. In the last few days I’ve packed in a few of my favorite parts of fall, including a walk through the woods, pumpkin ice cream, and of course apple picking.

I’m happy to be heading back to the city tonight, but I know soon I’ll miss my family and the perfect fall days in the country. 

~ Caroline
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