Necessity: The Clutch

{Tan: Asos, Topshop, JCrew}

The clutch is a bag that is often overlooked in my wardrobe, and many others. For the most part I like having as much space as I can in a bag so I turn to totes and other large bags. However, sometimes you don’t want or need a lot in your bag and this is where having the perfect clutch is a great thing. 

Every girl should have (at least) three clutches, one in a neutral color, a bold color, and then a pouch of her choice. Yes, I know that two categories are colors and one is a style but I think a pouch is an important category. In the first two categories I would look for more structured clutches since a pouch is so simple. 

For spring some of my favorites in each category are tan/nude pouches! This neutral color goes with everything and can also be dressed up or down. When looking for a colored clutch I would pick a pastel one right now. Also look for colors that accent pieces in your wardrobe. I own a lot of blue pieces so the mint would work great in my wardrobe. 

Lastly, when looking for a pouch there are really two ways you can go, either a basic pouch or a fun patterned or beaded pouch. While a basic plain leather pouch will obviously go with a lot, a patterned pouch can also work really well. The beaded pouch above would be great dressed up or down and with so many different colors!

~ Caroline

p.s. An extra plus is all these clutches are under $70 and many are under $40!
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