March 20 Under $20

column four: bathing suit top, suit bottom, peplum top, bandeau

Happy March everyone! The beginning of March means the beginning of spring, or at least I hope it does. I’ve never accepted the New England winters I’ve lived in for the last six years and when the temps finally reach the 50s I will be overjoyed to pull out my spring wardrobe. 

This month’s 20 under $20 actually includes 21 pieces if you count the bathing suit as two different pieces (which I do since each piece is $15). I just couldn’t get rid of anything though! Recently I’ve been obsessing over bright/patterned scarves. Forever 21 has amazing options and the striped scarf from Urban Outfitters is one of the softest scarves I’ve ever felt. The mint shorts are from target and they look almost exactly like the J.Crew shorts, except they are $18. You’re thinking right, that is less than half the price of the J.Crew shorts. 

Another one of my favorite trends right now is embellished nails, especially when just the ring finger is embellished. Using the Essie lux effects topcoat you can easily attain this look. I love it paired with coral nails!

Lastly I found the black pouch above on sale at Urban Outfitters. It is a great size and could either be thrown in a larger tote during the day and used as a clutch at night. Black leather is pretty wintery but using Lauren Conrad’s tutorial here you could easily transform it. I’d add  stripes of bright/bold colors to make it pop!

~ Caroline

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