I Can’t Believe It’s Friday

{Picture via my Tumblr}

Unlike my usual TGIF post this week I actually can’t believe it’s Friday. This week has flown by and my summer truly begins tomorrow. While my classes finished last Friday this week was filled with senior activities such as graduation rehearsals, barbecues, and and a trip to six flags. A week ago I could at least tell myself it wasn’t really the end of high school yet, but now it really is. Yesterday when I was signing my friends’ yearbooks I found myself thinking about all the incredible memories I have with them and that is when everything really hit me. I’m definitely not sad to be finishing high school, but there will be many parts of these last four years that I will miss.

Please cross your fingers or say a prayer that eastern mass in sunny tomorrow afternoon so that my graduation can be outside. At this point I’m seeing 70% chance of rain all day, but the weather can change!

Have a great weekend!

~ Caroline
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