Upstate Fall Getaway & Activities

Now that fall is officially here I’m in full weekend planning to ensure I can check off all my favorite activities – apple picking, cider donuts, picnics in central park, and so many more things!

While my fall activities are basically ritual at this point I tried something new a few weekends ago and headed upstate with a group of friends for a relaxing few days in the woods. We spent the weekend in Clinton Corners at the cutest AirBnB that was only about a 2-hour trip out of the city! Plus, I can’t even begin to explain how amazing the setup was with adorably decorated living spaces and a pool and barbecue out back.

Now is the time to start planning your fall getaway if you haven’t already and I highly recommend Hudson Valley. The best part is there are so many cute areas just an hour or two from the city that will satisfy your need for a bit of quintessential fall. With my first upstate getaway under my belt I thought I’d share a few of the activities that made it such a perfect weekend to help as you’re planning your trip!

Check out Local Wineries

Seriously, who doesn’t love winery hopping? There are so many vineyards and wineries upstate where you can setup tastings and tours.We visited Millbrook Vineyard & Winery, which I definitely recommend as it’s set upon the prettiest piece of land – I can’t even imagine how pretty it is with the leaves changing! This list of best Hudson Valley Wineries is definitely worth checking before you plan your trip.

Pull Out The Cookbook You Never Use

You know all those times you wish you could host brunches and dinners at your tiny apartment? I’ve been there too and it’s no fun to cook for a group in any tiny city kitchen, so now is the time to take advantage of a bigger space and cook all the recipes you’ve been wanting! Plan out some fun meals ahead of time and then pick up groceries once you’re off the train. We made everything from quinoa salads to peach cobbler and frittatas (I specialize in breakfast 😀).

Go Hiking to See The Foliage

My trip upstate was about a month too early for the foliage, but if you’re heading upstate in October you’ll be perfectly timed to see all the perfect fall foliage. I’m not usually the person to suggest hiking for any vacation, BUT I will always hike for the best foliage views. With a little searching I found an amazing list of 20 Fall Hikes you should take around Hudson Valley! I’ll be bookmarking for next year!

Head Into Town For The Farmers’ Market

Is there anything cuter than a small town in the fall? There are dozens of adorable Gilmore Girls esque towns just outside of the city where you can spend the day trying hopping around Farmers’ Markets and stopping in cute mom & pop shops. If you’re planning on cooking you can pick up fresh veggies OR you can just snack on cider & donuts like me. We spent the day in Rhinebeck, which I highly recommend, but I’ve also heard great things about Hudson and Kingston!

Apple Picking

Did you think I’d leave this off the list? Truly anytime I leave the city in the fall the first thing on my to-do list is apple picking. Hudson Valley Mag has a full guide to apple picking which I’m obsessed with – it even has an article abut the 5 best cider donut spots (cause you know apple picking isn’t just about picking apples…). Once again, bookmarking for my next trip! If you can’t leave the city for a weekend don’t worry, there are also a bunch of great orchards near NYC you can head to!

PS If you’re headed upstate I definitely recommend renting a car – it ended up making our trip way easier and ensured we could fit in all the activities without worrying about waiting around for a cab!

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