How To Organize a Planner From Frannie of The Blonde Prep

Hi Peachy Keen readers! I’m Frannie from The Blonde Prep, and today I’m sharing my tips for organizing a school agenda!

For school I use the Day Designer, and I absolutely love it. It’s big, organized, and so cute. I’ve found that the inside pages help so much when I’m doing homework or running a bunch of errands. Unlike other agendas, the Day Designer list has little boxes you can just check off when you finish something. Here are my tips for organizing your agenda…

Color Code | I write all of my assignments in pink, errands in blue, and things that are subject to change or not very important in pencil. I’ve found that this method really works for me so I can always tell what it is I have to get done.
Mark System | For assignments, I always check them off in their little box when they are completed. For long term assignments that I haven’t done yet, I cross them off with a squiggly line, and for things I don’t need to do or I can forget about, I just cross them off. This helps remind me what still needs to be done, and what I have complete.
What are your tips for organizing your agenda?
Hey all, Caroline here. I know we’re all a bit into the school year now, but I always love to get settled with class and schedule organization by the end of September. Having everything on your mental to-do list written down is so important during the school year. I”m juggling Dressometry, classes, and traveling this semester so my planner has been my best friend. I love Frannie’s idea of color coding and am definitely going to try it out this fall! Thanks so much Frannie for sharing your tips!
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