Holiday 2015 Kickoff: My Wish List

You know what I hate pretty much more than anything… Christmas anything before Thanksgiving. Seriously, it’s like November 1st comes along and everything’s about Starbucks Red Cups and Christmas tunes. Did everyone just forget about Thanksgiving (aka the best Holiday of the year)?
Well, as much as I hate Christmas talk before the end of November, I know the rest of the world seriously appreciates getting ahead with holiday shopping and entertaining ideas. So, as of today I’m kicking of Peachy Keen Holiday 2015!

Of course, the first thing I wanted to post was my personal wish list. Just giving mom and dad a heads up, ya know? 😉 But don’t worry, plenty more gift ideas and outfit suggestions are coming over the next month and a half. I’ll be here every Wednesday posting the best of the 2015 holiday season. I already have some posts in the works, but there are a few empty slots, so if you have anything in particular you need help with please let me know in the comments! For those of you who are on my side and want to push back Holiday prepping, don’t worry, regular Peachy Keen content will be up on Mondays and Fridays. Plus, you’ll be able to find all the holiday content later on through a button on my sidebar soon.

Before I sign off, just a few fun things about my wish list! Those OTK boots are insanely priced at only $90 right now, so I might be scooping them well before the holidays even get here… Also, the company that makes the plum saddle bag on the left donates money to Alzheimer’s research with each bag purchase. A cure for Alzheimer’s is particularly important to me, but you can pick where you want your money to go by picking different color bags. See more here


  • Fully bundled and ready for the next few days of snow ❄️ Is anyone else excited that we’re finally getting a real taste of winter? 🧣

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  • Happy Friday! Getting back to a 5 day work week really took it out of me 😂

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  • We made it halfway through the week! 👏🏼 I’m keeping it very low key this week and cooking at home & binging You on Netflix 🍿 Is anyone else watching? Its definitely addictive 😂 •

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  • Bringing back the brunch photos in 2019 🥞🥓#whenwearnyc
What did you guys do for the first weekend of the new year? Getting together with @dmcleod29 was my best reward for a v productive Saturday
PPS if you’re looking for a lil more food inspo @millennialfoodienyc & @maydayeats constantly have me drooling
  • Happy New Year! 🍾✨Ready for whatever 2019 has coming... starting tomorrow that is, cause today is for Netflix binging and bagels 🥯 .
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  • 2018 you were a good one ✨
This year, my first full year of “adulthood”, was full of experiences and friends that I’m so incredibly grateful for ❤️ I checked new cities off my bucket list, celebrated 1 year full-time at rewardStyle, spent the best fall days in Central Park, and welcomed Gracie girl to the family 🐶 Now let’s see what 2019 has in store 👏🏼


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