Get to Know: Hallie Wilson from Corals + Cognacs

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It’s been a while since I’ve done a Get to Know post (check out my last two here and here), but I’m back with one of my favorite bloggers! Hallie Wilson from Corals + Cognacs is a blogger from New York City with an amazing sense of humor. Her blog is not only filled with perfect outfits, but also funny stories and and inspirational posts. One of my favorites was her Love Letter to New York City from a couple months ago! 
In a digital world where it seems we all try to make ourselves seem a little more perfect (guilty) Hallie keeps it real. Definitely check out her Outfit Outtakes because they are so funny and something that all bloggers know to be true. 

When a reached out to Hallie I had about a million questions on my mind about her blog, her job in social media, and all that amazing travel she gets to do! Luckily, Hallie was sweet enough to answer the ones that I sent her. 

You seem to have more than a few amazing statement pieces in your wardrobe. How do you decide which pieces are the right ones to splurge on?
Why, thank you! I tend to save on basics (and go to Zara, H&M, and Joe Fresh) and splurge on pieces that are timeless or unique. If I can think of three ways to wear it or I feel that it will add an “exclamation point”to the other items in my wardrobe, I go for it (In moderation, of course). Here’s a few of my favorites from the past year. 

Now that you’ve lived in New York for some time, what are a few of your favorite restaurants? 
Wow, tough one! I like Nobu and Blue Ribbon for sushi. 

What are your favorite parts of all the travel you do? Any favorite places you’ve visited? 
Earlier this year I spend four weeks in Asia. I visited Tokyo, Kyoto, and Hong Kong, but I loved exploring the islands of Thailand. Ten of us rented a catamaran and lived on it for a week. 

For someone interested in working in digital marketing and social media what advice do you have? 
Stay up on your current events and never stop learning. I browse AdWeek, the Times, and Social Media Today on a daily basis to stay informed and inspired. Oh, and send hand-written thank you cards — they speak volumes given the digital age we live in. 

Don’t you just love Hallie? You should definitely check out her blog, Corals + Cognacs, if you haven’t already. I know I’ll be following Hallie’s life and career!
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