Galentine’s Day

I’ve never been much for Valentine’s Day, which might go along with my dislike of pink… but this year my opinion started to change when Lauren invited Kate and I over for a Galentine’s Day at her adorable apartment! With the subfreezing temps outside it was so fun to spend a day talking about all things blogging while snacking on delicious donuts and popping champagne!

I was lucky enough to stay in the same city with an amazing network of friends post college graduation, but one of the best things to happen has been making new friends through the blogging community. Blogging, being such a solo journey, can often be isolating and that’s why it’s important to take time away from my computer to hang with other girls in the blogging world! Who else would spend an hour talking about SEO or take silly photos posing with donuts? But seriously, these girls are the best and I can officially say I’m a fan of Galentine’s Day thanks to them!

If you haven’t had a Galentine’s Day yet there’s still time! If you’re single like me, instead of sitting at home on Valentine’s Day, pick up some yummy snacks and queue up a good rom com for a perfect night with your roommates for best girls!




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