Friday Five N.2

After coming down from the stress of midterms and projects (as well as a weekend where I could 11 hours), this last week has been pretty great. I’ve been attempting to get myself into a healthier routine that includes actually eating at home and going to the gym (almost) everyday. Plus, the fall weather has been so beautiful that all I want to do is spend as much time outside 
The picture above is from Monday right before the took down our fun NYU sign outside the building all my classes are in. It was parents and alumni weekend so the school looked a little more spirited for a few days, which was very fun while it lasted!

A new coffee & juice spot opened just down the street from my apartment last weekend and I’m loving it. We really needed a spot for delicious coffee and egg sandwiches on the block. If you live in the Greenwich Village, SoHo, or West Village area definitely check out Summers on Thompson St. I can personally attest to the fact that their iced lattes and egg sandwiches are ah-mazing. 
Like I said, we’ve been having some beautiful fall weather and walking through the park at dusk is my favorite thing to do. The way the arch lights up during golden hour is gorgeous and I know we only have a week or so left of the fountain being on. 

The Tompkins Square Park Dog parade is one of my favorite parts of the fall. My roommates and I  stumbled across it our freshman year, and after being abroad last fall I was so excited to be in NYC for it this year. The PugCycle costume was definitely my favorite of the day, but I also thought this little pups ‘social butterfly’ costume was too cute!
I hope you all have fun plans for halloween! My plans are a little up in the air at this point, but I’ll definitely be sporting fangs and a lot of fake blood throughout the day. 


  • Mondays ugh 🙄 What I would do to be back here today ☀️ Finally putting the finishing touches on my Curaçao travel guide and it will be up this week! 🌴
My exact bikini top is on sale for $10 and I’ve linked via or at the link my bio! 👙✨
  • I think all these things breaking is a sign that the week should just be over 🤔 Who’s with me? 🙅🏽‍♀️
My favorite thing I packed on vacation was definitely this $15 romper 👏🏼 It’s still available in a few sizes so snag it before it’s gone! Everything linked via or at the link in my bio! ✨ #whenweartravels
  • Need a drink twice this size to get through tonight’s Bachelor finale 🤪🌹
I’ve been getting a ton of questions about my hat! Sadly it’s sold out but I linked it and have had some luck finding it on Poshmark/eBay! Shop everything via ✨ #liketkit #whenweartravels
  • Back to reality today but my mind is still in colorful Curaçao 🇨🇼 The capital city of Willemstad has the prettiest painted buildings on the water and the best view is from the pontoon bridge! 🌈 •
My outfit is linked via the app or at the link in my bio! ✨ #whenweartravels
  • What a Sunday morning in Curacao looks like ☕️ Ate all my pancakes before I could get a photo 🙈 but all about slippin fruit in my bag for later 😂 #whenweartravels
  • This is the only picture from this trip where my nose won’t be bright red #burnt 🌴 // Shop my outfit via ✨ #liketkit #whenweartravels


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