First Snow Magic

In my book nothing can compare to the first snow fall, but rarely does New York get such a magical snow fall as we did this weekend.

It may have taken years of living in the Northeast but I’ve recently become one of those people who can’t stop smiling the minute snow season arrives. This weekend as the entire US got their first dose of winter weather (still amazing that it snowed in Houston) I was counting down until the storm would finally reach NYC and let me tell you I was not disappointed.

After missing out on most of the snow fun on Saturday I was sure that I’d wake up Sunday morning to a snowless city, but instead what I found was a truly magical central park that still felt like a winter wonderland. Yes, my boots were soaked by the time I got home and I almost slipped to my death a handful of times but it’s just impossible to hate a snowy Central Park scene. If you disagree, please take a moment to look again at the above photo and change your mind. In true snow day fashion a friend and I found our way to the holiday windows and went skating at Wollman Rink. Whether you’re a native new yorker or a tourist on their first trip there is truly not a better way to spend your snow day (except maybe inside with cocoa?).

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