February 20 Under $25

This post has seriously been a long time coming. I realized about three weeks into January that I had completely forgotten a January 20 Under $25 post with all of the holiday madness that had been going on! So of course I wanted to make this month’s post extra incredible. All of the pieces in this month’s 20 Under $25 are thinks I either have in my closet or need to be in my closet because they are just amazing. 

With spring coming it’s time to shed my all black layers for some lighter and more colorful options. Adding blouses and crop tops in pretty colors is definitely how I’ll be styling my basics this spring. Other fun pieces such as the floral scarf, sea foam clutch, and chambray polka dot hat (which is item number one on the wish list) are the perfect way to accessorize. 

Then of course I have all the classics. Lots of leopard print is a must, no matter what time of the year it is, and dainty jewelry has been my go to recently. Neutral flats and sandals are also on the list and I especially love those cognac flats from Asos!

Hope ya’ll like my picks! 
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