Your Nail Polish Collection Needs These 6 Colors

Painting my nails is probably one of my favorite relaxing activities. It’s surprisingly calming and something I look forward to in the evening (with Netflix on of course)!  Since I’ve been doing my own nails for so long I’ve built up a pretty extensive nail polish collection. Though, I have to say, it’s nowhere near Linda’s amazing collection – that is seriously #goals.

As part of my Marie Kondo clean earlier this year my polish collection also got a bit of a refresh. I threw out a bunch of polishes that were getting old (if it’s goopy get rid of it!) or that I never wear. Since “tidying up” my collection I’ve loved focusing on just a few core colors that have been my go-tos for each season!

Fall & Winter


In the winter I’m exclusively a dark nail polish gal and wicked is my everyday color. It won’t clash with anything since it’s dark enough to look neutral vs overly maroon and it doesn’t make my pale (and sometimes bright purple because of the cold) hands stand out too much. I know dark nail polishes scare some people away, but this is a classic that is 100% worth a try

Caviar Bar

When I need a break from Wicked, Caviar Bar is my next favorite! I always feel like fully black nail polish is a bit much for me, but this navy color is dark enough to almost seem black without being as harsh.

Spring & Summer


This is my go-to summer bright. It’s the perfect happy red and depending on what you wear it looks red, orange, or pink so it goes with literally everything. It’s also the easiest polish to apply with two simple coats and you’re done!


If I’m not wearing geranium in the summer I’m wearing white! Like I mentioned above, I hate when my nail polish clashes with what I’m wearing so white is always an easy answer. The downside to white is after 48-hours it can stain or get cracks that are immediately noticeable. I try to always choose white when getting my nails done since it’s guaranteed to wear better when a professional does it!

Ballet Slippers

I feel like this has been a universal favorite forever! If you’re in need of a minimal color for an event or strict workplace than ballet slippers is for you. The key to this color is applying 3 very thin layers. You don’t want to go thick or else it will look goopy, but the 3 layers is what really makes the color shine!


Festive For The Holidays

Rock The Runway

I will always love a good red polish, but I usually save the brightest truest reds for around the holidays! As I mentioned above I hate when my nail polish clashes and this red will clash with your maroons, but around Christmas I usually keep my wardrobe full of festive reds so I don’t have to worry! Also, you can’t forget about Valentine’s day! This color is perfect if you want to be a bit festive for the holiday but not over the top in all red and heart patterns!
I know Rock The Runway and Geranium look pretty identical in these photos, but once painted on they look very different!


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