Creating My Own Space

Since moving into my freshman dorm this past fall I’ve been somewhat reluctant to share pictures of my room. However, I’ve been receiving emails and comments asking me to share more pictures of both New York and my room so I thought I would come through. Here’s the thing with dorm rooms, you have to stuff everything that’s important to you in a pretty small space (and mine is abnormally large for a dorm) and then also spend a lot of your time in that space. If you’re like most of the girls I know this means you have tons of clothes, shoes, accessories, jewelry, and make up. So now you’re trying to fit all of this in a tiny shared room while also trying to make it feel like your own. 

Given all of these ridiculous constraints I’ve been attempting to make my room feel like home. While my interior design style is very minimal (I love clean lines and white surfaces) my room is no where near that. Trying to create an all white room that I spend most of my time in would lead to messy spills knowing my luck, so I went in a very different direction. By adding colorful pillows to my bed and displaying my favorites scarves and other accessories I’ve been able to keep a somewhat organized space where I can study, but also be inspired. 

Once I have my own apartment  have dreams of photographs in beautiful old frames, but for my dorm (mostly because of car space restraints) I’ve loved making collages of my own pictures as well as pictures from magazines and blogs. These collages as well as mementos, such as the broadway playbills and tickets on my desk, inspire me on the days where my brain is filled with statistics and accounting so that I don’t burst! Of course, the incredible view from my room (especially during sunset) is always beautiful and inspiring. 

I hope you all enjoyed the peek into my dorm room! 

~ Caroline
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