Coffee Break N.10

We’ve made it to Wednesday, so it’s time for a mini celebration 🙌  This week has been a long one already… mainly due to the mouse making it’s home somewhere in my apartment. Monday night I reached into a purse of mine to find not only the old receipts I was trying to toss in the trash, but also a furry little creature. Cue absolute panic. I’m still in a bit of shock and just waiting to accidentally step on one of the many traps around the apartment. Pray I make through without having to move out.

Now onto a few fun things that are making this week just a bit better!


While Presidents Day sales are sadly over, the Nordstrom End of Winter sale is still going strong with up to 40% off through the 25th. While there are a lot of great wintery items on sale there are also so many pieces we need for spring. I’ve linked a few of my favorite below including a work dress I have in black and love, the cutest espadrilles, and an on trend straw tote.


  • This article about managing your money is an oldie but goodie. I’ve used it as the basis for all my budgeting which so far is going pretty well
  • In my world Blair is queen (and not Blair from Gossip Girl) so after seeing these gingham loafers I’m on the hunt for a similar version for an affordable price. So far these are the best I’ve found so I might just have to splurge a little!
  • As someone who’s life revolves around creative content, both in my blogging and career, I loved Dana’s Q&A with photographer Allie Provost about keeping up with an ‘aesthetic’. What are your thoughts on Instagram aesthetic themes?
  • While I’m all about a treat yo self attitude, I definitely don’t focus enough on self care so I’ll be following along with Taylor’s self care journey this year – here are her goals to start.
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