Coffee Break N.13


Guys, Target is killing it with the cute fashion this spring! I may have to make a bulk order to try a bunch of things on… There is just so much I want! Major plus, pretty much everything is under $35 so my bank account will only cry out a little when I hit order!


I’m in major planning mode for summer right now and I’ve definitely been bitten by the travel bug. I’ve written about this before, but my favorite kind of travel in long weekend trips and I am so ready for a few once summer Friday hours kick in in a few weeks! Some of my favorite past trips have been Nantucket, Washington DC, and the North Fork for Lavender season!

While I’m planning though, I’m in need of some help! For you New Yorkers, what are your favorite day or weekend trips accessible  from the city? I’d love to travel to a few new places outside the city this summer on top of my usual haunts!


  • One of my new favorites online series is the ‘My Salary Story‘ series on Refinery29 where women go through their careers and talk about how they negotiated their salary as they grew and the industry changed! Last week’s article on a Tech Business Manager has been my fave so far since it’s most relevant to my industry!
  • NYC real estate is fascinating to me and literally all other New Yorkers which is why if you leave here everyone is going to start asking you where you live and how much you pay (I promise everyone will ask). Fellow NYer Allie shared her apartment tour yesterday and I loved how she shared all the details on the apartment hunt, cost, etc – not to mention her decor is amazing!
  • Apparently it’s 2006 and denim mini skirts are making a serious come back and I feel like I need one after seeing Bryn and Shelby style them! What do you think of their return?
  • Last one for today – Reading Linda’s post on why she left her dream job threw me back to my nightmare internship a few years back and I have SO much respect for her and her choice to leave. It’s a bit of a long read, but so worth it if you’re interested in fashion or publishing!

P.S I save my favorite #careergirlreads to THIS board on Pinterest!


  • Mondays ugh 🙄 What I would do to be back here today ☀️ Finally putting the finishing touches on my Curaçao travel guide and it will be up this week! 🌴
My exact bikini top is on sale for $10 and I’ve linked via or at the link my bio! 👙✨
  • I think all these things breaking is a sign that the week should just be over 🤔 Who’s with me? 🙅🏽‍♀️
My favorite thing I packed on vacation was definitely this $15 romper 👏🏼 It’s still available in a few sizes so snag it before it’s gone! Everything linked via or at the link in my bio! ✨ #whenweartravels
  • Need a drink twice this size to get through tonight’s Bachelor finale 🤪🌹
I’ve been getting a ton of questions about my hat! Sadly it’s sold out but I linked it and have had some luck finding it on Poshmark/eBay! Shop everything via ✨ #liketkit #whenweartravels
  • Back to reality today but my mind is still in colorful Curaçao 🇨🇼 The capital city of Willemstad has the prettiest painted buildings on the water and the best view is from the pontoon bridge! 🌈 •
My outfit is linked via the app or at the link in my bio! ✨ #whenweartravels
  • What a Sunday morning in Curacao looks like ☕️ Ate all my pancakes before I could get a photo 🙈 but all about slippin fruit in my bag for later 😂 #whenweartravels
  • This is the only picture from this trip where my nose won’t be bright red #burnt 🌴 // Shop my outfit via ✨ #liketkit #whenweartravels


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