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Moving Update!

Last week was a roller coaster, but I’m happy to be writing that we officially signed a lease and I’ll be moving to Williamsburg next month!

Friday Shopping & MDW Sales 5.21

Happy Friday you guys!! I have to be honest, up until Wednesday I honestly forgot Memorial Day was Monday and my boyfriend didn’t even know until last night. But now that I know it’s the long weekend I’m 100% ready…

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My $75 Closet Makeover

Each week I’ve been taking on a new project in my apartment and this week it was time to tackle my closet. For just a $75 investment and a couple hours of work I’m honestly so happy with how it turned out. I even have more space to grow!

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My NYC Sized Desk Space

Working from home in a NYC apartment means turning a tiny corner into your office. I created the perfect WFH space in less than 30 inches.

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20 Pretty Candles Under $20

Since my candle supply is running low I figured others might be in the same position, so I searched the internet for the prettiest candles under $20!

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Getting Organized in the New Year

Happy New Year everyone! Like so many others I woke up January 1st with a rough hangover and decided a day of seamless and Netflix was in order! I logged onto Netflix to see the new Marie Kondo show, Tidying…

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