Caroline’s (Spring Break) Covets N.11

Midterms and papers are the only things on my mind this week, but spring break is only days away and my mind is ready for a break. While I’m not going on a traditional spring break trip I am headed to Santiago, Chile where the temperatures will be in the mid 80s with clear skies all week. I’ll be in Santiago with my school for a class that all juniors take, but amid the academic activities I’ll have plenty of time to explore the incredible city. A hike up the Andes Mountains is already planned with NYU, but I’ll also be attempting to check a few things off this amazing list of what to do with 36 hours in Santiago.
So while I won’t be lounging on a beach in a bathing suit, I’ll be taking full advantage of the incredible weather and a new city to explore. On my packing list so far are easy espadrilles, swingy dresses, linen t-shirts, and of course a comfy pair of loose jeans to wear on the plane! I found a pair of leopard and leather espadrilles on sale for $18 from Aldo this weekend (I know I freaked out too), so you’ll probably see me wearing those all.the.time. this spring and summer. Still on my list though is a pair of (cheap) sunglasses to replace mine that have unfortunately stretched out beyond repair. If you have any suggestions for places to look, please comment đŸ™‚ 

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