How to Shop on ASOS

If you’re not shopping on ASOS you’re definitely missing out on some of the best clothing (and bag and shoe) deals out there. Let’s be real though, it’s an incredibly intimidating site with thousands of product to sort through, and none of us really have time to spend our whole day shopping, even if we wanted to.

So today, after request from a couple co-workers actually, I’m sharing some of my favorite tips for finding the best pieces on ASOS – especially for all of us on a budget! Plus, the images in today’s post are all some of my favorite ASOS buys from over the last year!

1. Use The Filters

Unlike when I shop on Madewell or H&M and just scroll through all the New Arrivals, the first thing I do when shopping on ASOS is use the filters because it will cut out everything that’s either not applicable to your body or out of your price range. The three most important filters are Range, Size, and Price Range.

Range is where you can filter out categories such as Maternity, Petite, Plus Size, and Tall. At 5’5″ I like to keep Petite options in since sometimes regular length dresses hit me just a little too close to my knee. Then I go into exact sizes and select options are around my size. Pro tip here – ASOS sizing is all over the place, so I generally select my size and then a few options in either direction. Next is Price Range (duh). Since my goal on ASOS is usually to find a great deal I cap my price range somewhere between $60-80.

To give you a bit of context, just using those two filters I cut the number of styles in New Arrivals down from 2,868 to 1,602 and only takes about a minute or two. You can always do more filtering with colors and product type, but I love getting to discover new trends or styles so I don’t usuall use these.

2. Take Advantage of the Occasion Categories

I didn’t know the occasion categories existed for the longest time, but once I discovered them I was in shopping heaven! These are perfect if you’re shopping for warm weather vacations, formal events coming up, or even just for work (yes there are work clothes on ASOS!). To find these categories on the site on your own just hover the clothing tab under Women and you’ll see them in the pop up all the way to the right.  PS you should still apply tip number one to these categories as well!

3. Check out the Style Feed

If you scroll down ASOS’s home page they have a ‘Style Feed’ section, which is their own editorial section highlighting trends that the ASOS team loves! If you’re looking to pick out pieces that are trend for the season (vs just basics) this should be your first stop! A few highlights they have right now that I love are Pastel Picks, Street Style from Melbourne Fashion Week, and Top 10 Wedding Guest Outfits.

4. What to Know Before You Hit Order

With ASOS in particular if I really love a certain item I always order it in more than one size because like I said above the sizing can be super wonky. While I totally get that ordering two sizes (and the charge that hits your credit card) can be annoying, ASOS is amazing with shipping & returns. If you spend more than $49 standard shipping is free and if you spend more than $120 than you get free express shipping! The free express shipping makes it totally worth it for me to order a backup size so that not only do I get my package in two days, but there is a way higher chance I’ll love what I ordered! Returns are free and trackable so if you do return you’ll know that the pieces have reached ASOS!

Wow that was a long one! If you’re still here, thanks for reading and I hope these tips help on your next ASOS adventure! I’ve also linked a few of my current favorites below as well!


Past ASOS Favorites: Summer Wrap Skirt || Floral Green Dress || Navy Gingham Dress


  • About to go buy myself a personal fan to make it through this heat wave 😰 When it comes to NYCs humid summers a loose maxi or midi is the way to go! Linked similar ones under $70 via ✨ #whenwearstyle
  • Ate & drank my way through this past weekend including the perfect afternoon at Grand Banks ⛵️ And of course I always have my favorite @mejuri pieces layered including my newest piece the ‘Honey Necklace’ ✨ Swipe 👉🏼 for more detail! #finecrew #gifted #whenwearnyc
  • 🏙🗽NYC life is going to the most obscure Trader Joe’s to avoid lines and then sweating all your makeup off waiting for the subway while trying to to bring said groceries home 😂🤦🏼‍♀️At least I got a pretty flowers out of it 💐 Who feels me?? #whenwearnyc
  • Love traveling on the weekends, but love coming home to this even more ✨🏠 #whenwearhome .
Slowly but surely feeling like my room is coming together! This pom pom duvet & shams were the best find for under $35! Linked exact duvet, quilt, and rugs & similar items for the other pieces via and at the link in my bio ||
  • Couldn’t have asked for a better long weekend ☀️ The perfect amount of home cooking, ice cream, and ocean time and as always it’s a little hard to leave my favorite place ❤️🌊
Linking my outfit via ✨ My tote is under $80 and perfect for all your summer vacations!  #whenweartravels
  • Just gonna try to live out last weekend until this next one starts 😂 Who’s with me??
There are still a few sizes left of my top & I’ve linked this year’s version of my shoes via ✨


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