An Afternoon at The Met

One of my favorite escapes within the city is The Met. I can wander the different exhibits for hours and I even subscribe to the weekly email so that I always know what new exhibits are coming through. I knew I needed to take a trip uptown before the semester ramped up so on a free Friday afternoon I headed up to the UES for a little inspiration. 
I always start my met experience in the Greek and Roman art wing. It is easily my favorite part of the museum since as you walk towards the end the architecture becomes a part of the art (plus I love Roman history!). This past time I then went up to the 19th and Early 20th Century Paintings Gallery. I love Monet (duh), but recently I’ve also been loving Francisco Guardi’s paintings of Venice and Camille Pissarro’s landscape paintings. I lucked out and was able to see the El Greco exhibit in it’s last few weeks at The Met, which was particularly amazing having just returned from Spain. The second picture in this set is El Greco’s painting of Toledo, a city I absolutely loved. 
I’m counting down the days until I’ll be able to spend the afternoon at The Met and then wander through a green and flowering Central Park. That really is my idea of a perfect afternoon in New York, especially if you start it all off with brunch 🙂
Hope you all survive the Monday blues. I know I’m already wishing it was Friday…
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