So I have a little bit of an addiction to shoes. I make myself feel better by saying most girls do, but the truth is I’m much worse than most people I know. I love wearing heels but flats are more suited for high school hallways and casual weekends, which make up most of my life. 
With every new season there are new shoes but I always love a classic flat (especially with a pointed toe!). Flats are the perfect transition shoe for late summer and early fall. Flats can be worn with pretty sundresses and flowy skirts when the temps are in the mid 90s or with jeans and sweaters when the weather cools down. 
Hopefully you all get a little addicted to shoes after looking at these (it will make my excuse even better)!
~ Caroline 

1: J.Crew
2: Madewell
3: Shoe Dazzle
4: Steve Madden
5: J.Crew
6: ShoeMint
7: ShoeMint
8: J.Crew
9: J.Crew

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