A Night To Remember

Anxiously waiting…. (love the book everyone should buy it!)
Scott was funny and inspiring. He also talked a lot about the pictures recently on the blog.

A dream come true! 
This past Monday I went to Wellesley College to hear a lecture by Scott Schuman and for a book signing afterwards. As a said in this post I’ve always loved The Sartorialist, Scott Schuman’s blog. It is filled with incredible pictures of many different types of people. Hearing Schuman talk about what inspires his photography and his love of fashion was inspiring. 
I unfortunately was the idiot who left her camera in the car. I walked across the Wellesley campus only to realize that my camera which I thought was in my bag was not there. This means I only have a few iPhone pictures from that night, but hey they capture the memories, and thats what matters! 

~ Caroline
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