A Little Piece of Me

1: A mix of my beach memories, pictures of friends and travels, my favorite books, and accessories. 
2: I attempt to keep my desk surface clutter free, but I lave a love for pretty sticky notes.
3: There are layers of magazine clippings, bloggers I love, my own photos, and postcards from the last 6 years on this board. 
4: I have a magazine addiction. This is only a small part of my collection. My favorites include Elle, Harper’s Bazaar, and Seventeen (guilty pleasure!). 
5: A mini piñata from Austin that always makes me smile

The other day as I was helping my sister reorganize her bedroom she told me I didn’t care about sentimental things. At the time I was trying to persuade her to put an ugly stuffed animal away instead of displaying it on a shelf, which I thought was completely warranted. While at first her words stung a little I soon realized how wrong she was. I am an extremely sentimental person and over the years my desk has become a wall of my favorite memories end objects. 
So I thought I’d give you all a little peek into my life outside of just my clothes. Hope you enjoy!

~ Caroline

ps.s. I’m working on a few updates/changes to the blog. I’d love to know what changes you would suggest or like to see!
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