My $75 Closet Makeover

Each week I’ve been taking on a new project in my apartment and this week it was time to tackle my closet. For just a $75 investment and a couple hours of work I’m honestly so happy with how it turned out. I even have more space to grow!

The Problem

For an NYC apartment, I actually have a pretty large closet… but it still fills up quickly. I did a closet clean-out earlier this year but it still felt like my closet and dresser were always a mess. Since I wasn’t prepared to get rid of anything else in my closet I knew I needed to find a better organizational system.

The main problems I needed to address with my closet makeover were

  • Moving a laundry hamper into my closet (previously sitting out in my room)
  • Add shelving to move folded items overflowing in my dresser to my closet
  • Get most of my shoes out of boxes and off the floor to free up floor space for more organzation

Since I’m renting and didn’t want to do any damage to the walls I was only looking at organization options that could be easily removed and brought to my next apartment.

The Solution

I looked at a ton of options at the Container Store and similar retailers, but everything was expensive or not super renter friendly. Then I came across the Made By Design line at Target which included a number of cloth organization items to outfit your closet.

To be honest, I’ve never been a fan of cloth hanging closet organization systems in the past because they just remind of a college dorm. This line from Target however, has completely changed my mind. Not only is it all made of high quality linen that feels really sturdy, but it’s such a great price point. Every individual piece is under $20 and the 5 pieces I ordered totally just over $75 all together (pre tax).

Closet Makeover Pieces:

  • Over The Door Mesh Shoe Shelf – I LOVE this piece because it fit all of my non boot shoes without looking cheap like a lot of over the door shoe contraptions. It holds 26 pairs of shoes, but if you have less you can easily put 1 shoe on each shelf vs the pair and it will still look good!
  • 6 Shelf Hanging Organizer – This organizer was just the solution I needed to move all my pants out of my dresser to free up folding space. It even has extra space where I can add the bins to hideaway less pretty or out of season pieces. I currently have bathing suits in the bin
  • Shelf Bin – The best part of buying everything from one set is how each piece works perfectly together. The hanging shelf has space for two bins, but for now I just have one that I’ll use for either bathing suits or scarves & hats depending on the time of year.
  • Underbed Bin – I bought this bin as a bit of experiment since My closet has a lot of air space above the shelf, but is very narrow. It ended up being the perfect piece to go below my baskets to use more of the vertical space
  • Laundry Hamper – My old laundry hamper was a pretty basket that just wasn’t functional, so I love that this hamper coordinates with the rest of the closet while being very functional (it holds about 2 loads worth of laundry)

I’m thinking about potentially adding a few more pieces from the collection including another large bin for the second large shelf and potentially a few shoe boxes so I can get rid of the boxes for my boots.

With just $75 and a few hours of work to reorganize my space this closet makeover was just what I needed!

Not only did it free up a ton of space in my dresser thanks to the hanging shelves, but I can now see all of my shoes and even have space for more! Now I just need to convince myself that I don’t actually need anymore shoes…

Thanks for reading and for your support! xx

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