5 Pieces On My Summer Wish List

TGIF! Anyone else feel like this week dragged on? Every day felt like Thursday that’s for sure. I’ll write more about it soon, but I kicked it into high gear on Monday in trying to get back to a healthier diet & workout schedule. It’s definitely been a tiring few days, so I’ll be taking the weekend to relax & recuperate.

I know I can’t stop talking about summer, but I’m just realllyyy ready for it to finally be here! Since we’re so close I put a few pieces that are priority number 1 when it comes to shopping for this year’s warm weather wardrobe. Since summer pieces are often more affordable than winter ones I really love to lean into fun new trends instead of just sticking with the classics! Do y’all have any trends you’re dying to try this summer?

1. Denim Skirts

Every time I see a denim mini skirt I’m transported back to middle school and all the pre teen girls who definitely should have been sent home for breaking a dress code (including myself). That being said, denim skirts are back. Thank god we’ve learned a bit from our past wrongs though, so this time they’re mostly high waisted and a bit longer because no one needs to a repeat of this. I was a bit unsure about this trend at first, but now I kind of love it for casual summer weekends!

2. Tortoise Shell Earrings

If you follow me on Instagram, you might have seen I recently got my ears re-pierced after they closed up a few years ago. It’s an understatement to say I’m a bit excited to have a whole new accessory category to shop for 🙂 One of the main reasons for getting them re-pierced was my obsessed with tortoise shell earrings. I recently ordered this hoop version, but might need these as well! Depending on your hair color you can also go lighter or darker with the tortoise shell color to ensure they pop!

3. White Leather Sneakers

Ok these are a basic that I’ve been needing to replace forever, but still high on the wishlist now that dress + sneaker weather is back. Last year I retired my very destroyed white converse and grey supergas and have my eye on a slightly dressier white leather version as a replacement.

4. Square Neck Blouse

I’m all about the statement sleeves this spring and especially love the trend when paired with a square neck. I feel like this style may become the new off the shoulder top because it is just so fun for summer! There are a ton of versions out there, but I’m currently loving the square neck paired with a smock top fit like the blouses below.

5. All Things Green

Is it just me or is green having a major moment? I fell in love with a green dress earlier this spring, but since then I’ve just been wanting more and more of the color. I’ve always been an olive green girl, but now the bolder versions of green getting more of my time. From cute wrap dresses to striped skirts there will be plenty of green around this season!

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