4 Ingredient Ice Cream Cake & More Summer Recipes I’ve Been Loving

It’s crazy to believe that we’re already almost halfway through July! I identify so much with that meme that says I’m physically in July but Mentally in April… anyone else?

Despite summer flying by I’ve been lucky enough to get out of NYC and stay with my parents at home in Massachusetts for a few weeks. It’s been incredible just having a backyard (though I do miss my roof tanning!) and to have someone else cook for me after months of meals at home.

Last weekend we had a couple people over for a safely distanced barbecue and it felt so nice to have some type of “event” to prepare for even if was just my sister and her roommates 😂 The day before the barbecue my sister reminded me of the easy ice cream cake my grandma used to make us as kids and we immediately knew we had to make it!

Of course the cake is still a hit all these years laters and I can’t believe we haven’t made it in so long! My grandma was always so frustrated that after spending hours on all these complicated desserts everyone’s favorite (including the adults) was always this easy ice cream cake. When I tell you it’s easy I’m serious – it’s literally 4 ingredients and will take you less than ten minutes to prep!

So, even though my mom said we didn’t need more ice cream in the house, I decided to re make the ice cream cake and take some photos so I could share with you all!

Instructions for the cake are truly hilariously easy… but I’ll outline them below! You can also watch me make it on Instagram!


  • Basic Ice Cream Sandwiches (my grandma used to say the cheaper the better) – Grab 12 if you’re doing an 8×8 pan like mine or 24 if you’re doing 13×9 pan
  • Cool Whip – a big tub so there are leftovers!
  • Caramel Sauce
  • Heath Bar topping


  1. Arrange your first layer of ice cream sandwiches by laying them side by side until you’ve filled the dish. If you need to cut up pieces to make everything fit that’s 100% ok
  2. Spread Cool Whip over your ice cream sandwiches. The thicker the layer the better in my opinion
  3. Pour caramel sauce over cool whip and then spread the heath bar bits
  4. Repeat for the second layer and this time do a little less caramel and heath since it’s the top of your cake
  5. Put in the freezer and freeze for at least a couple hours! Usually if we’re making for a party we’ll make this a day ahead so it’s less stress the day of!

See? Isn’t this the easiest “cake” recippe you’ve ever seen? While I’m a big fan of the original version made by my grandma you could easily switch out the caramel and heath bar for other toppings! I’ve always thought switching in berries with fudge sauce OR crumbling Oreas instead of heath would be great!

A few other summer favorites inclde:

  • My Mom’s Corn Salad – mix roasted corn, red onions, tomatoes, cilantro, olive oil, lime, and S&P. Taste test along the way til you find the perfect mix of ingredients for your taste!
  • Easy Summer Pesto Pasta – My go to for years because I’ll make and east hot for dinner and then save as cold pasta salad for lunches! All you need to do is cook pasta and then toss with pesto, chopped tomatoes, and mozzarella pearls (or just chop a larger ball!)
  • Strawberry Basil Margaritas – I made these for the first time for the 4th but they were SUCH a hit that I know they’ll become a summer staple!

Thanks for reading and have a great weekend! xx

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