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With a newly booked trip up to New England (home!) on the horizon, my fall excitement is at an all time high. Apple crisp, bright foliage, pumpkin bread, hay rides - you name it and I am all about it. After nearly ten years living in New England there's just something about fresh fall air that gets me re inspired and ready to conquer the world, anyone else?

With my new inspiration I've been working on some fun posts that will be coming out over the next few weeks! First up is my fall bucket list - New York City style! One of my most read posts was last year's Non-Touristy NYC Christmas Bucket List, so I thought I'd bring it back for a new season.

1) Fall Foliage from Belvedere Castle

Central Park Foliage is definitely a tourist favorite, but there is a somewhat unknown spot in the park that you must visit during the fall - Belvedere Castle. I'm all about the NYC skyline views, but the view over Central Park in the fall might just be better!

2) Cider Donuts at the Union Square Farmers' Market

I love the Union Square Farmers' market year-round, but it's especially amazing in the fall! Vendors bring cider donuts, pumpkin bread, fresh picked apples, and more delicious treats into the city for all of us who miss home cooking and fresh air. I like to pick up some donuts and a cup of hot cider and find a table in the park!

3) Picnic By The Cloisters

I've only been to The Cloisters once, but I am dying to go back in the fall. The grounds of The Cloisters are absolutely beautiful and it's a great place to head in the city to get some fresh air (without leaving the city!) Major bonus - you can spend as much time as you want inside The Cloisters, so if you're going solo bring a book and find a pretty spot spend the afternoon! If you're going with friends bring a picnic blanket and lunch and set up everything in the park right by the museum.

4) Brunch at Friend of a Farmer and Explore Brooklyn Heights

Brunch is a year round thing in NYC, but Friend of a Farmer is my fall spot, mostly because they serve cornbread with apple compote with brunch as your free bread basket situation Amazing, right? The menu only gets better from there, including pumpkin pancakes and apple smoked bacon. The Brooklyn Heights location is in th

5) Leave NYC for a day at Storm King Art Center

Ok so this bucket list item isn't technically within city limits, but I feel like a trip to the Storm King Art Center is a trip every New Yorker is dying to do! If you watch Master of None you'll automatically recognize the expansive park and art exhibit. The exhibit closes for the season at the end of October, so if you want to go make your plans now!

6) Try out a Cider Restaurant in the city

Cider is definitely my fall drink of choice, so when I heard there are restaurants devoted to the drink all I could think was, where have I been? The first spot I want to try out is Wassail in the Lower East Side. Their Cider Flight looks to be right up my alley!

7) Tompkins Square Halloween Dog Parade

For my New York friends this parade is a tradition that hopefully we'll never let die. The dog parade has become pretty popular in the last few years, so it's a bit crowded, but still so worth it. Make sure your phone is fully charged because you're going to want to take pictures of literally everything there! If you can muster up some early morning motivation show up early and grab a bagel from Tompkins Square Bagels - to be extra fall get a French Toast bagel with Apple Cinnamon Cream Cheese

New York City Fall Bucket List

With a newly booked trip up to New England (home!) on the horizon, my fall excitement is at an all time high. Apple crisp, bright foliag...
Friday, September 29, 2017

This post feels a bit ridiculous right now, given that it's been over 80 degrees the last few days, but I am so ready for fall. I've been a bit MIA here the last couple weeks, but I've been proclaiming my fall love all over Instagram

For me, summer is all about trying out trends but as fall begins I start to head back to the classics so I thought I'd start highlighting the pieces that I go back to year after year over the next couple of weeks. It might be easy to tell if you follow along with my Insta-stories, but my denim jacket has been on repeat these last few weeks. I've been pairing it with sundresses on summer-like days to stay warm in the office AC or over a light sweater on some chillier mornings. 

I haven't had a really good denim jacket (you know the stiff yet soft kind that automatically feels worn in?), so this year I was on a mission to find one that I would want to spend every day in and I definitely hit the jackpot. I tried brands like Gap, J.Crew, and J Brand but of course when you're looking for a classic jacket you've got to go back to the classic brand - Levi's. This jacket is everything I could have dreamed in a denim jacket (see above) and will likely be one of those pieces my imaginary future daughter will want to steal. Plus, an important lesson I learned is to head to the men's department if you're looking for an oversized denim jacket! 


Denim Jacket // Jeans // Silk Blouse (similar) // Crossbody Bag (similar) // Mules (similar)

Fall Staples: The Denim Jacket

Monday, September 25, 2017

This year I made absolutely no plans for fashion week besides work related events, then last second a few friends reached out about going to events with them throughout the week and boy am I happy they did. At times blogging can be pretty lonely, I spend a lot more time brainstorming and writing on my own than I do hanging out with other people in the community. I'd much rather be spending time with other bloggers, so getting the chance to hang with some of my local faves like Dana, Allie, Lauren, Kate, and Emily this week was the best. I also especially love getting to meet new people like Danielle and Leigha when they're in town!

These girls all have inspirational stories and blogs but on top of that, seeing all their fashion week styles has made me want to head down to SoHo and buy everything (oops). Specifically, there were a few trends I saw on other bloggers this past week that I just have to have! I'm trying to cut down on my clothing spending for the rest of the month, so until I can go out and shop again I thought I'd share a list of my favorite trends!


Ok, white boots are definitely not in my normal style wheelhouse and my manager at work actually laughed out loud when I said I wanted a pair, but how cute are all these boots? They definitely have a very 70s feel, but I love that options with a stacked heel feel a bit more classic, more like my style.


While I've definitely lessened my nautical vibes since starting this blog back in 2012 I still have a love for all things navy and buttoned. I've recently obsessed with culottes all summer (evidence 1 and 2) and the addition of gold button detailing is feeling just right for the coming months. You can go all out nautical with a striped top or keep it edgier by trying out an olive pair with black details.


After my parents dressed me in pink constantly as a child I rejected pretty much every version of pink (and yeah not a huge fan of this whole milennial pink thing), but mauve pink is definitely something I can get behind. It feels a bit moodier than regular pink, while still giving off the feminine feel (which I'm also all about for fall). I can pretty much guarantee you're going to see this color everywhere this fall!


Want to look cool without really trying? Get yourself a great duster jacket or cardigan to layer over literally any outfit. Allie killed a dressy version of this look on Saturday night and since then I've been obsessed. Playing with proportions almost always leads to a killer look and I definitely want to add a duster jacket to my fall wardrobe as an easy layering piece. For casual days at the office all it needs is jeans and a tee or for put it over a LBD for a meeting!

Favorite Blogger Trends from NYFW

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

I've been putting a bit more effort this summer and now fall to push my wardrobe boundaries by working in trendier, patterned, and even colorful pieces into my wardrobe. For the most part I've been loving the result (it's been especially nice to not only have black and white in my closet), but other days it's nice to just go back to the basics - comfy jeans, an easy tshirt blouse, and a cozy cardigan. When I was home in Massachusetts a few weeks ago I made an effort to be up at 8AM every morning to be able to spend the maximum amount of time with my family, so going back to basics was exactly what I needed for early morning coffee runs. 

Since the weather is miraculously already feeling like fall in the Northeast I've been turning to extra soft long cardigans to layer for chillier mornings. I even keep one at the office 24/7 for afternoons when the AC has been cranked a little too high. The best part is their are so many cardigan options under $50. If you're anything like me, start ordering them in multiple colors because it's looking like the long cardigan is going to be a staple in my fall wardrobe!


Beige Cardigan // White Blouse (similar) // Jeans // Crossbody

Coffee Runs & Cardigans

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Post Labor Day it feels like everything changes. I'm ready for booties, sweaters, and also a few important lifestyle changes. Even though I'm not going back to school this year, I still wanted to keep up my tradition of new school year resolutions, especially since after Labor Day weekend life seems to finally calm down a little bit giving me a bit of time to think and really commit myself to the changes I want to make.

1) Sunday Night Meal Prep

Now that Game of Thrones is over (insert ugly sobbing here) it's time to get back to making meals for the week on Sunday nights. My goal for the next few months is to make at least 3 out of 4 lunches I need for the week (the 5th lunch is a weekly team lunch). This leaves me one day to schedule lunch with a friend or try out a new spot around the office. I'm turning to my trusty friends at Refinery 29 for some inspiration, including no-cook meals, spiralized meals, and even meals in a jar.

2) Being More Flexible

Anyone who knows me knows my two biggest pet peeves in life are people flaking and being late, those things make me want to scream. While I stand by my belief that being reliable and on-time is an important life skill, there are times when my anxiety about everything running perfectly on time - meeting for dinner, plans to go shopping, and even showing up to work 10 minutes early - can be a bit extreme. I even find myself getting annoyed when my friends are 5 minutes late to a plan, absurd I know. So this fall my goal is to try and become more understanding and lower my anxiety when it comes to timing, because let's be real the world doesn't end when you're running a bit behind.

3) Get Back To a Sleep Schedule

I've always been an early bird, but in these past few months my sleep schedule has been ALL over the place. Part of the problem has been constant travel, but mostly it's just been that I've been ignoring my 'time to get ready for bed' notification to watch more Criminal Minds instead (oops). As of tonight I'm resetting my alarms and planning my week to ensure I'm getting up by 6:30AM and go to sleep by 11:30PM. Ideally I'd like to increase to a full 8 hours of sleep, but for now this is a start!

Do y'all want to make any changes as we move into fall? Let me know and we can all hold each other accountable. 😊

Levi's Denim Jacket // Urban Outfitters Dress (similar) // Steve Madden Sandals (similar

Getting Back on Track This Fall

Tuesday, September 5, 2017
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