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I can't believe it's been two weeks since I was in Montauk with my family, these last few weeks of August are flying by. While I was out out east for the weekend I had two things on my must-do list. The first was trying out The Lobster Roll, which I talked about here last week, and the other was heading to Montauk Point Light. If you don't know - I kind of have a thing for lighthouses. One of my lifelong goals is to visit all the lighthouses in New England (there are almost 200) and have a running list on my phone of the ones I've visited. 

So on my last day in Montauk, even with so-so weather I made my fam head out to the state park and trek across the rocks to get some of the best views of the lighthouse. Luckily, I was wearing my trusty espadrilles, perfect for ensuring I wouldn't slip on the rocks while still looking beach ready.

While Cape Cod and Nantucket will probably always be my favorite beach destinations in the Northeast, I would definitely go back to Montauk for another weekend. Besides the lighthouse, highlights included breakfast sandwiches from Montauk Bake Shoppe, cocktails and dinner at Inlet Seafood (definitely family friendly!), and of course spending the day at the beach with a Montauk Watermelon Beer in hand!

OUTFIT 1: Zara tee (similar) // Forever 21 shorts (similar) // Steve Madden Sandals
OUTFIT 2: Urban Outfitters top (similar) // Gap shorts (similar) // Lauren Ralph Lauren espadrilles

Montauk Point Light

I can't believe it's been two weeks since I was in Montauk with my family, these last few weeks of August are flying by. While...
Wednesday, August 23, 2017

I can't believe in just two weeks the summer will be over. Even though it stays warm until the end of September here in New York, there's something about those few last weeks of August that makes me want to spend every possible minute outside exploring the city.

Every summer we begin to take the long afternoons outside in Central Park, the sunset drinks by the water, and even just the ease of gorgeous walks from the subway to work every morning. Too soon we'll all be trudging through snow piles trying to navigate slush puddles. Instead of just concentrating on the looming winter (speaking of which, wasn't Game of Thrones CRAZY last night?!) I decided to try and make the most of these last few weeks and check off as many items from my last minute bucket list as possible. 

1) One Last Beach Day - I've only spent two days at the beach this summer, so I'm trying to rally friends together to get one last beach day on the calendar. If you're stuck in the city heading out to the Rockaways or Long Beach is the perfect day trip.

2) Brooklyn Barge Afternoon - This weekend I headed out to Greenpoint with a friend, spent the night at Brooklyn Barge, and ended up having the best time! It's a huge outdoor bar with games (think corn hole and giant jenga) and a gorgeous view of the NYC skyline. Before it closes for the winter I definitely want to go back for a Saturday afternoon!
3) Lunch in Bryant Park - Bryant Park is the absolute best place for lunch during the work week. Throughout the summer they have events happening at lunch like 'Broadway in Bryant Park' on Thursday (which unfortunately ended earlier this summer), but everything ends with the start of September so I have to take advantage of it now!

4) Happy Hour at Grand Banks - Grand Banks is probably the most instagrammable spot in the city during the summer. It's a gorgeous old ship turned bougie oyster bar and it's the perfect spot for a picturesque happy hour with friends. I've still never been and am dying to go before the end of the summer!

5) Heading out to Governors Island - When you can't leave the city Governors Island is the perfect escape for a day! Last summer I took the 10 minute ferry over to the island multiple times, but haven't been on out once this summer! I'm dying to spend a day riding bikes around the park and having a delicious lunch from the food trucks. 


End of Summer Bucket List

Monday, August 21, 2017

Being from New England, summer is defined by vacations to the Cape, chilly nights in Maine, and most importantly lobster rolls. Now that I'm living in New York City full-time it's pretty hard to make the trek up to to Massachusetts for my favorite lobster roll spots, so when I headed out to Montauk with my family I knew we needed to try out The Lobster Roll in Amagansett. You may know the spot for it's insta-famous LUNCH sign, but I'm happy to report that the lobster rolls are definitely up to par with my New England favorites. Since we do have a few weeks left of summer Fridays I'll be heading up to Massachusetts and hopefully hitting up another one of my favorites soon 😊

Keep reading for a list of my four favorite Lobster Rolls spots!


(in no particular order)

Barnacle Billy's
Barnacle Billy's in Oqunquit is the longest running favorite on this list. Nestled at the end of the Marginal Way it's the perfect place to finish off your walk along the coast. 

Woodman's of Essex
Woodman's is what you're picturing when you think classic New England lobster shack - gingham covered picnic tables, buttered buns, and an ice cream store next door to finish off your meal.

Luke's Lobster
Honestly, Luke's makes it on my list of favorites for it's multiple locations in Manhattan. The rolls are great, but the fact that those of us stuck in the city can get a bit of the beach is the real reason I love this spot. I generally head to the location at the Plaza Food Hall and bring my roll out to Central Park for a picnic, but there are multiple locations throughout the city.

The Lobster Roll Amagansett
I've already raved about The Lobster Roll earlier in this post so I'll spare you the long explanation. You might go for the aesthetic, but you'll stay for the extensive menu including both hot and cold lobster rolls, watermelon beer, and amazing desserts.


My Favorite Lobster Rolls

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

TGIF! I'm so happy that after a few weeks of traveling, I'm finally spending the weekend in the city. I was so exhausted this week that I actually went to bed at 9PM on Wednesday night 😂. All that being said, I definitely wouldn't mind going back to last weekend's relaxing trip to Montauk with my family. While the weather didn't cooperate (it rained ~ 60% of the weekend) it actually made the weekend the perfect low key retreat. 

Luckily, on Sunday afternoon we did get a bit of sun so my fam headed over to Inlet Seafood for dinner. While the restaurant isn't a dressy spot, I wanted to wear something that felt vacation appropriate - and that's where this adorable peplum top comes in. The combined striped and floral pattern is too cute on it's own, but the corset peplum shape really makes this top the right amount of sexy and fun. I'd love to pair it with a flirty skirt for a dressier evening, but for dinner I knew that my go-to jeans would do just the trick. 

I kind of ditched the peplum trend after I found out my nickname freshman year was 'Peplum Girl' (don't you just love knowing what people thought of you before you met? aha), but after finding this top I might just have to bring the shape back into my wardrobe!



Vacation Ruffles

Friday, August 11, 2017

Post vaca recovery is hard guys 😐 Not to mention as you're probably reading this I'm on a flight headed out of town on my first official 'work trip' (so adult right!?). I had less than a 36 hour turn around time between getting off the bus from Montauk to boarding the plane, so coffee has definitely been my best friend.

Before I jump into a few vaca recaps later this week and next, let's get back to the basics with another Coffee Break installment.

1) The Bold Type - If you've followed this series you know by know that I'm a little bit of a TV addict. I love myself an evening in with ice cream or wine (or both?) and a really addictive show. My most recent obsession is The Bold Type on Freeform (previously ABC Family) - and I know what you're already thinking, really Caroline that show is TV garbage - but hear me out. As a 20-something female attempting to kill it at my social life, career, and romantic future this show seriously connects with me. They cover important topics like breast health and gender equality in the workplace, while also making me laugh about the mistakes make along the way (many of which I've made myself). This show isn't Gossip Girl 2.0 it's more like real life with a bit of dramatic TV flare. I challenge you all to give it a try!

2) Walmart Home Decor - When I think Walmart I always think cheap snacks and tacky clothes my mom bought for my sister when I was a little kid, so boy was I surprised when I went to Walmart's website and found this amazing selection of affordable yet chic home decor. As I finish decorating my new room and plenty of people head back to college it's the perfect resource so that my bank account doesn't hate me.

3) A Few of My Favorite Blog Posts - I feel like there have been so many great blog posts on the internet lately, so I couldn't resist the urge to share a few of my favorite with y'all. 

Fellow NYC Blogger Dana turned 25 recently and shared what she's learned in her early 20s. This is a must read for anyone navigating post grad life. 

A fave new blog of mine is Waketon Road by Bryn and I absolutely loved her recent 'Why It's Important to Make Yourself a Priority' post. Also, her style is adorable!

Liz's beachy waves are my absolute favorite (she's also one of my style icons), so I was over the moon when she published a tutorial of just how she gets those perfect waves. 

LOFT Pajama Set & Sweater

Coffee Break N.7: TV Addiction, Home Decor & More

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Happy Monday everyone! I say happy because I'm currently OOO with my family out on Montauk enjoying a few days of nature and summer weather. Definitely follow along on Instagram for a little behind the scenes look at our long weekend. 

Unfortunately, beach days aren't usually my norm these days. I'm usually pretty busy between balancing my job and blogging. Most days this looks like heading home directly after work to put together posts, but some days it means working on my networking (aka my least favorite thing) and heading to events after work. On these days I usually don't go home before events, so figuring out an easy day to night look has been key. 

These pants have been the miracle worker when it comes to perfecting the day to night look. I wear them constantly for meetings since they have a trendy feel while still being a little dressy and completely office appropriate. This day I paired them with a sleeveless summer sweater and flat sandals for the office, but then switched to a more fun silk cami and heeled sandals for the happy hour I was headed to. This swap is perfect because you can easily keep everything in your laptop bag without it feeling too bulky. If you don't want to bring a change of top to the office you could also easily throw a light blazer or sweater over your silk cami for the daytime. 

Do you all have any great day to night tips? 


Polka Dot Blouse (similar) // Black Pants // Steve Madden Sandals (similar) // Black Bag (similar)


Polka Dot Blouse (similar) // Black Pants // Steve Madden Sandals (similar) // Black Bag (similar)

After Work Dressing

Monday, August 7, 2017

OK I know no one besides me wants to talk how fall is right around the corner, so instead of making you listen to everything I want for fall today's post is going to help you make summer last a little longer.

This time of year it seems like every day there is a new sale popping up with amazing discounts on cute summer items you've been dying to click purchase on for the last few months. This is mainly because stores are trying to get rid of all their summer merchandise before their fall collections are released in just a few weeks.

While I always love a good sale I absolutely hate buying things just because they're on sale. I've been fooled one too many times into buying another cute summer top that's on sale in August only to wear it once and forget about it when warm weather comes around the next year. Y'all know what I'm talking about right?

None of this however means you shouldn't be shopping end of summer sales! It just means you need to focus on products that are actually worth snagging at the end of the summer, the pieces that you will actually wear next summer instead of shoving to the back of your closet. 

1) Classic Summer Sandals - Sandal styles are always changing slightly year to year, but we all consistently go back to some of the same classic styles. I mean Steve Madden has been making this style for years because it is just THAT good. 

2) Summer Sweaters - Let's be real, most of the 'summer' sweaters I own I actually wear year round, especially in the fall and the spring. While you only be wearing your summer sweaters on chilly evenings right now, they can become a staple of your September & October wardrobes. Go for classic fits like the long cardigan or crewneck pullover. 

3) Denim Shorts - Everyone needs a pair of basic denim cutoffs in their life, so if you don't have a pair or your current pair is growing old now is the time to check out sales for the perfect pair! Cutoff styles change minimally from year to year, but if you're worried about how you'll feel about rips or washes next summer try sticking with a classic pair like these. 

4) Business Casual Blouses - Business Casual is often the bane of my existence, but one thing it does have going for it is the consistency. If you're a college student or new grad now is the time to build up at least a small business casual wardrobe for interviews or future jobs - and you should always buy these pieces on sale! A classic sleeveless or short sleeve blouse for work is something that will never really change, so look for a basic shape in colors or patterns you like during sales. Plus, if you layer with a cute jacket or sweater you'll be able to wear the short sleeve blouse all year!

5) Basic Tees - First off, you should always buy all your basics on sale, but tshirts are especially easy to get on sale this time of year. Whether you like a vneck, crew neck, or anything striped like me you're guaranteed to find so many options on sale. And as I learned from my mom - if you find a tshirt you love, buy multiple of it!

Now that you know what to shop for I couldn't forget to mention a few amazing sales that are happening this weekend!

What to Buy From End of Summer Sales

Friday, August 4, 2017

This has definitely been the summer of (amazing) weekend trips and this past weekend's was one of the best. Late Friday night I jumped on a bus and headed up to Central New York near Ithaca to spend the weekend with a few of my best friends. 

Since I knew that we would be doing a little Winery hopping on Saturday I was determined to find something casual yet cute to bring with me, and that's where this amazing dress comes in. Polka dots seem to be my kryptonite this summer and we all know how much I love my off the shoulder pieces - but what really put me over the edge me is the $20 price tag combined with 2-day shipping! My roommate also loved the dress so much that she ordered one for herself!

Suffice it to say I'm a little in love with this dress and it went above and beyond it's job of creating the perfect winery look. I paired it with super casual accessories like these sandals since I knew I'd be doing a lot of walking, but it would be easy to dress up for a more formal event by wearing these shoes (par of the Nordstrom sale!)


This shot of my friends and I is definitely one of my favorites :)

Winery Weekend Outfit

Tuesday, August 1, 2017
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