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It's finally here, the long weekend we've all been waiting for. While I'm actually working on Monday I will be headed out of the city on Saturday and again on Tuesday for the holiday to get a little break from the heat and humidity of the city. 

Besides getting some sun and a little r&r, shopping the great summer sales is high on my to-do list this weekend! There are truly some amazing sales this weekend, especially for summer pieces that will take you through the next few months. You can check out some of my favorite sales below. 

50% off Everything

Up to 50% Off

Extra 50% Off Sale Styles

25-50% Off Select Styles

Up to 75% off Sale

Up to 60% Off

...and these just a few of my favorite sales! There are so many more so make sure to keep your eye out! Plus, keep scrolling for some of my favorite pieces and find links to all of them at the bottom of the post. 

Hope you all have a fun holiday weekend! I'll be taking a couple days off blogging, but will be back Wednesday with some fun content!

Can't Miss 4th of July Sales

It's finally here, the long weekend we've all been waiting for. While I'm actually working on Monday I will be headed out ...
Friday, June 30, 2017

Remember when basic skinny jeans were all you'd ever see anywhere wearing? Well gone are those days and I'm pretty happy about the new denim trends that pop up every season. The only thing I miss about the skinny jean era is how easy skinny jeans are to pair with anything, while some of my favorite denim trends, like the crop flare jeans in this post, can be down right daunting. 

Luckily, since I bought my first pair of crop flare jeans almost a year ago (you can see them in this post) I've started to get the hang of what works and what doesn't so I thought I'd share a few tips. 

1) Stick to Fitted Tops

If you take a look back at my first post wearing crop flare jeans one of the biggest mistakes I made was pairing my jeans with loose tops that covered the high waist. Even if you feel a little self conscious with everything so fitted I guarantee you'll look amazing. A fitted top paired with a high waist flatters everyone's figure! 

2) Add Some Height

As someone who's on the shorter side I'm always looking for ways to make my legs longer. Cropped jeans have the tendency to make your legs look shorter rather than longer, so I like to pair them with my slightly heeled sandals. Just an inch or two of a heel makes my legs feel miles longer. If you don't want to wear heels then try a pair of pointed flats to elongate your legs!

3) Add Layers of Different Lengths

I always layer (even in the summer) because air conditioning in NYC is brutal and I truly love the dimension that layers of different lengths can add to an outfit. Since you're staying pretty fitted with the rest of your look adding a longer layer like a light vest or long cardigan is the perfect way to add some interest to your outfit without it being too bulky. 

Do you all have any must-dos when wearing tricky denim trends? I always love new ideas!


Old Navy sweater (on sale!) // Madewell jeans // Old Navy vest // J.Crew tote 
Steve Madden sandals (very similar)) // Sonix phone case

How to Wear Crop Flare Jeans

Thursday, June 29, 2017

You know those summer days that are more dreary than they are, well, summery? For those days I love to have heavier pieces like this blouse on hand to make me feel like I'm still cozy in bed. This one is especially perfect since I plan on throwing it over a bathing suit for the beach later this summer. Unfortunately, since the Zara sale started earlier this week, this blouse has sold out online. I'm sure it's still available in stores though, so make sure to check your local Zara. This similar one is available online if you are looking to order!

Also, these espadrilles deserve a moment because they are SO freakin' cute. I'd been looking for a pair of espadrille sneakers for a while but finally pulled the trigger when I found these on sale for only $40! Now they're on sale for only $35 here!

Zara Blouse (similar) // Zara Jeans // Steve Madden Espadrilles // Sconset Market Straw Bag

Zara Blouse (similar) // Zara Jeans // Steve Madden Espadrilles // Sconset Market Straw Bag

Striped & Embroidered

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Can you believe we're just two weeks away from Fourth of July? I know it's only the first official day of summer (yay for longest day of the year!), but it's already feeling like these warm months are flying by too fast. Granted, ask me how I feel after taking the subway to work and I might be praying for winter.

With just 13 days until one of my favorite holidays of the year (second only to Thanksgiving) I thought I'd share not only a few of my favorite past red, white, and blue outfits but also some of my favorite pieces available this season! When it comes to the Fourth I'm all about subtly working in our patriotic colors with stripes, embroidery, and fun accessories. Sometimes though a little bit of ridiculous piece - like this watermelon bikini - can be a fun way to celebrate!

This will likely be my first Fourth of July in New York, so instead of bikinis and flip flops I'll probably be throwing on something a bit cuter like an on-theme romper or fun skirt. This gingham dress (shown above) from Zara is also a recent addition of mine that I will 100% be wearing at least once over the holiday weekend! It's the perfect dress to keep cool in this ridiculous NYC humidity while also looking extra festive.

Do y'all have any fun plans for the holiday weekend? If you have any suggestions for what to do in NYC during the Fourth I'd love to hear them as well!

You can shop all my favorite pieces at the bottom of the post!

Fourth of July Outfit Ideas

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Over the years the one constant in my wardrobe has been the ridiculous number of striped pieces I own and this dress is one of the best. It was all over the blog last summer and has continued to be one of the dresses I reach for on a weekly basis. Pairing it with my new favorite espadrilles from Primark (unfortunately only available in-store, but they're only $13!) and an easy cardigan was the perfect way to style the dress for a day by the beach. 

Unfortunately, since this dress is from last season it's sold out, but everyone needs a good striped tshirt dress so I've linked to a bunch of my favorites below!


LOFT T-shirt Dress // LOFT Cardigan (similar) // Primark Espadrilles

Everyday Striped Dress

Monday, June 19, 2017
Happy hump day everyone! This week seems to be flying by and I can't believe we're just two weeks away from Fourth of July weekend. We're finally getting some summer heat in NYC, so I've been relying on a little AC and a lot of ice cream to get through it. 

I've been excited for today's Coffee Break post all week since I'm finally sharing one of my favorite brands, Lively. Lively is a NYC based brand that launched in April 2016 and their line includes everything from cute bralettes to flattering one piece bathing suits. While I don't usually talk about what goes under all my outfit posts, this brand is one that y'all need to know about!

Since launching, the Lively team has coined the term 'Liesurée' (a combo of lingerie and leisure) because their pieces are just the thing you want to lounge around in coming home after a long day. I have the Deep V bralette which I bought a few months ago and the Geo Lace bralette and bikini which the Lively team sent me a few weeks ago. The best part of their pieces is that no matter your size there is a bralette for you, they even created the Busty bralette for girls with a size D or larger. Took long enough for a brand understand, am I right? Even as someone who needs a good amount of support their regular bralettes still make me feel totally comfortable, especially the Deep V bralette which I wear under T-Shirts all the team (especially in this crazy heat!). 

Almost as important as their killer pieces is the Lively brand and community! The company is full of hard working kick ass women and they consistently impress me with their inspirational brand Instagram. Just search #LivingLively and you'll know what I mean. 

I have a few more pieces of theirs on my wishlist, especially all of the new swimwear. If y'all have any questions about the different pieces or about the fit please comment. I've tried on many of their pieces and can definitely offer my advice on what to buy!

*Please note I was gifted the product for this post, but Lively is a brand that I have not only purchased before on my own but also one that I truly admire. All opinions are my own :)

Coffee Break N.5 {All About Liesurée}

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

If there's one piece I can't wait to pull out every summer it's my straw basket bag. I've had mine for a few summers now and it's still going strong for weekend trips to the beach or even just for a picnic in central park. There's so many fun new styles out of straw bags now though that I'm thinking about diving in and buying another one!

While it's easy to think that you have to spend well over $100 on a basket bag from all the expensive versions across social media, there are actually so many affordable options out there! I ordered my bag years ago from Etsy for under $50 and since then there are even more sellers making affordable options. A few of my personal favorites include this larger tote and this circle one, both for under $50! If you're willing to splurge though this tote is my absolute favorite and has amazing reviews!


UNDER $100

UNDER $150

Gingham Top via TJ Maxx // American Eagle Jeans // Franco Sarto Slides // Forever 21 Sweater

Straw Bags for Every Budget

Monday, June 12, 2017

Happy Friday everyone! At 5pm today I will have officially completed my first week as a full-time working adult. Pretty crazy, right? It has truly been an amazing first week and I couldn't ask for a better first job. I also lucked out because today we're celebrating our 6th Anniversary, so if you're interested more in that side of my life make sure to check out my Instagram story for more details! I'll be heading out to a classic NYC summer spot and you don't want to miss the fun snaps. 

Now a note about my outfit... This dress is one of my new summer favorites and it's 50% off right now making it only $35. I'll definitely be packing it for any weekend trips I take because let's be honest when it comes to summer weekends I like to throw on a dress and not have to think about anything else. I've also linked below to a few of my other favorite dresses from the same retailer that are also all on sale and under $50!

Hope you all have a lovely summer weekend :) 


Summer Wrap Dress

Friday, June 9, 2017

If you flashback a decade or so you'll find eight year old Caroline who was the biggest girly girl. I actually made fashion magazines out of construction paper and refused to wear anything but the dresses and skirts in my school uniform. However, my mom who was significantly more realistic than I was figured out that I would compromise and wear the skorts she brought home for me. 

Now eight year old me loved having skorts so that I could climb trees and play on the playground while also looking like a total girly girl, and after finding this skort (under $50!) I realized that nothing has changed.I may not be climbing trees anytime soon, but in NYC a skort is the perfect way to stop the wind from blowing your skirt up or to ensure you're ready for an impromptu park picnic.

Now that I've (once again) fallen in love with the ease that skorts add to life I've been on the hunt for even more to add to my closet. I've linked some of my favorites below!

Forever 21 Sweater (similar) // Mango Skort // Franco Sarto Mules (similar) // Clare V Bag (similar)

A Skort Story

Monday, June 5, 2017
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