20 Gifts Under $25

The trickiest part of Christmas shopping can be finding the right presents at a budget – and by budget I mean under $25.

Whether you’re part of a secret santa like me or looking for the right gift for siblings, coworkers, or roomies it can be hard to find something that unique under $25. That’s also why this gift guide is one of my favorite to make every year. While I find it easy to pick up an expensive tech item or typical sweater (not that these are bad gifts) it’s really the ones under $25 that give me a challenge! There are the usual favorites like iPhone cases and monogrammed mugs, but this year a few of my new favorites include this ‘stay awhile’ sign and a mini waffle maker.

My goal when looking for smaller gifts for friends is always to start with the experiences they love. Is this person the party hostess or the homebody? Are they the jet-setter or the interior decorator to be? It’s always easy to think about the big things, so once you know what they’d pick between a plane flight, a new wardrobe, or an apartment makeover try scaling it down to a smaller gift (like the ones below ☺️).


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