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Happy Friday everyone! While I'm pretty psyched that MDW is finally here for the official start of summer, I've mostly been looking forward to the craazzzyyy sales that are happening this weekend. It's definitely the right time to stock up on your needed basics and even your favorite summer trends (I'll take all the off-the-shoulder tops). I am in serious need of some new pieces for work that are both business casual and fun for summer. These classic ankle pants from Ann Taylor and this blouse from Banana are high up on my list. Hopefully though the rest of you can focus on some of the more fun pieces on sale this weekend, and not just boring work basics.

When I say the sales are crazy, I'm very serious. Here's a list of a few of my favorites incase you don't know where to start:

Just remember, besides the Nordstrom sale (which goes until June 5th) all of these sales will only last through the weekend, so don't wait to buy something. If you can't get into a store to try things on, remember that returns are always an option, but these prices won't be next week. Happy shopping!

P.S. Check back next week for my favorite summer looks! It's time to bring on the red, white and blue!

Caroline's Covets N.15 Memorial Day Sales

Happy Friday everyone! While I'm pretty psyched that MDW is finally here for the official start of summer, I've mostly been look...
Friday, May 27, 2016

Happy hump day everyone :) I'm officially in summer mode since I turned in my last final at the end of last week. While I'm working a lot of hours at my admissions ambassador job this week, it still just feels amazing to get out at 5pm to sunny skies and no huge to-dos looming over my head. 

With all this free time I've been hopping between museums, parks, and ah-mazing taco spots. The weather has been a bit chilly, but that hasn't stopped me from spending all the time I can outside since once work starts in June I'll be indoors most of the time. 

After realizing we were starving, my friend Cheyenne and I stopped by B.Bar's taco bar, which I had no idea even existed until then. I will say, they aren't my favorite tacos in the city slash the NYU area, but they were pretty good and the set up is too cute not to photograph. If you're in the area looking for amazing tacos I'd suggest Dorado Tacos (my personal fave) or Otto's Tacos. All my Californian friends tell me it's impossible to find good mexican in the city, but I have to disagree when it comes to these taco spots. There's truly nothing better than a sunny afternoon with a fish taco!

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Taco Stop

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Graduation for most college students is right around the corner if it hasn't already happened, and this year I have plenty of friends graduating (insert tears here). It's a bit crazy to think that many of my close friends are going to be real adults in the next couple of weeks and have to start dealing with everything that comes along with that (apartments, full time jobs, student loan payments, etc). While most of it seems pretty scary, it's also so exciting and if what I've told been told is true, a great life change from the constant stress of college. 

Of course, as a college student, I want to get my friends gifts that are fun and useful, but don't break the bank. I'm sure many of you are in the same position, so I've put together a few of my favorite graduation gifts under $50. When you're on a budget I also always suggest to put together a group gift. I love the idea of buying this wooden tray, cocktail set, and coasters with a group to set one of my friends up with a starter bar set. Also, you can't go wrong with college memorabilia like these embroidered key fobs. You can find a full list of schools available here. Combine the key fob with ad detailed tote bag and your best friend will be ready for work!

Caroline's Covets N.14 Graduation Gifts Under $50

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Today is my last Monday of my junior year of college and as of Thursday I'll basically be a senior. Isn't that crazy?? I truly can't believe how fast this year flew by, and while I'm ready for a little R&R and then my summer internship, it doesn't seem like May is really here. The weather has definitely been partially to blame (it's been in the high 40s with rain for a week and a half), but I think it's mostly because I still feel like a lost freshman at times. For those of you that want to hear more about all the 3/4 of the way through college feels, don't worry because there will a seriously emotional post coming at some point in the next couple of weeks. 

For now though I'm keeping things on a lighter note with a new favorite outfit of mine. My roommates know that I've not-so-slyly been a serious outfit repeater with this one. I picked up this top from Zara a few weeks back thinking it would was a great wear with everything top - and I was most definitely correct. I can wear it for basically any schedule (think class, work, weekend) and it is an amazing layering piece. On all the dreary days last week I loved that I could throw a loose striped top over it and then switch to tying it around my waist when the weather actually warmed up. 

I hope all of you facing finals in the next couple days are keeping the stress at bay! We will all get through it :)

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Navy & Stripes

Monday, May 9, 2016

I feel like New York gets stuck in that transitional spring period f.o.r.e.v.e.r.... Those days when it's a little too cold or rainy for a dress, but you don't really need a jacket. Do you guys know what I mean? That's probably the number one reason why I've never been a huge spring person (fall all the way). I get so sick of the repetitive semi dreary days. 

However, this year things have been a little different because as my friends describe it I've become Queen of the Vests. I rotate between two vests (the one in this post and this one from this post last week) all the time, and funny enough I bought them last summer on the same day. Weird how that happens sometimes, right? These vests have been my go-to for everything because they act as a pretty effective layering piece while still feeling summery. I also love the way they can elevate any basic jeans and a blouse look to a fully put together outfit. Plus, then when less gloomy days finally arrive you revert back to wearing them over sundresses which is hands down my favorite way :) 

Unfortunatelty, the vest that I'm wearing is no longer available, but I've linked to a few others I love at the bottom of the post! I've also put together another small collection of my favorites from the Shopbop sale thats going on until Thursday. Select (really really cute) styles are 40% off, so don't miss out!

These are all my favorites from the Shopbop sale for under $100! The amount of things I wanted was honestly overwhelming...

SHOP THE POST: Banana Republic vest // Banana Republic blouse // LF jeans // Aldo flats

Vest Queen

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

It's that time of year again, when the weather warms up and the party invitations start to pile up (figuratively of course, because when do you ever get more than a Facebook invite?). I might complain, but honestly I love how many excuses I have to break out fun and flirty dresses, whether for weddings, grad parties, or even just outdoor evening dinners.

While I'm truly guilty of falling into the jeans and a tee uniform, I love to stock up on a few new dresses each year (see here, here, and here) so that I have a go-to whenever I want to look a little more put together and stylish. I'm always drawn to the fit & flare style, stripes (duh), and options that can be dressed up or down for different occasions. However, some of my best dress finds have been when I've tried on options that I never thought I would like (here and here), so while your out dress shopping for whatever event is coming up I urge you to try on something entirely new.

Plus, to help start your wishlist I have a few of my favorite pics for under $100 with so many amazing options under $50! Who ever said you can't have style and save money?

Dresses Under $50

Dresses Under $75

Dresses Under $100

P.S. The picture above is from my school's semi formal a few weeks back! I found the perfect LBD from Necessary Clothing for only $30! If you're in NYC I highly suggest stopping by the store, but ordering is always iffy for me since they have a pretty strict return policy.

Caroline's Covets N.13 Spring Dresses

Monday, May 2, 2016
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