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Honestly, this weekend was one for the books and I'm still trying to get myself back into study mode because I'd rather be going back to the weekend. All the fun started Saturday as I attended and spoke at Lovely Happenings spring event. 

I had the chance to speak on a fashion panel along with Allie, Melanie, Mollie, and Christine and while I was definitely nervous beforehand it ended up being so much fun! We talked about everything from our obsession with tassels and off the shoulder pieces to our favorite spots in the city (thats how I learned about the mini golf spot I went to the next day). It was a surprise to both myself and Dana that I didn't wearing black or talk about my leather jacket obsession the whole time. Instead I touched on a few of my go-to investment pieces such as a good pair of denim and my favorite fall jacket (it's one of those pieces I wear all.the.time., but you never see on the blog). Each of the other girls had great ideas for how to transition looks from day to night (throw a blazer over a semi-scandalous top) and the best spots to eat in the city. Now I'm dying to try out Rosie's in the East Village!

After the panel I spent the rest of the afternoon exploring the other booths at the event! A few of my favorites were Bitches Be Gluten Free, Melanie's homemade face scrubs, and Lexicon of Style's beautiful scarves! Between snapping photos, snacking on some delicious sweets, and meeting plenty of new people, the day was just such an amazing refresh. I've definitely been in a bit of a blogging funk (I'm sure most of you feel me) and a day with other bloggers and creatives was just what I needed!

A huge thank you to Rachael and Jaclyn of Lovely Happenings for having me and also to my always amazing roomie and BFF Alice who tagged along to be my photographer (isn't she just amazing?!). 

P.S. I can't even tell you how much I love that hilariously basic pictures of us bloggers snapchatting our drinks!

From left to right: Jaclyn, Me :), Melanie, Christine, Mollie, Allie, and Rachael
I'm obsessed with all the lace on Allie and Dana's dresses!
You can check out all the details of my outfit in Monday's post! 

The Perfect Girl's Day

Honestly, this weekend was one for the books and I'm still trying to get myself back into study mode because I'd rather be goi...
Wednesday, April 27, 2016

This weekend was filled with plenty of laughs, great food, and a few very new adventures. I had the chance to speak on the fashion panel at Saturday's Lovely Happenings event - a pretty big first for me and my little blog :) I don't want to spill all the details now though because I'll be putting together a whole post about the event for later this week, so stay tuned!

Of course, for a spring fashion event I had to find a cute new outfit! I've been on a clothes shopping ban, so actually heading out to a store in search of a new piece felt amazing (might have been going through shopping withdrawal...). This dress with it's patchwork floral and off the shoulder sleeves was the perfect combination of 70s throwback and classic feminine. Adding the white vest felt like the perfect finishing touch. Plus, these suede nude heels are definitely my new go-to anytime I need to dress up!
  SHOP THE POST: Topshop blazer vest // Zara dress // Nine West heels (similar) // unknown bag (borrowed from my roomie :))

Florals For Spring

Monday, April 25, 2016

You all probably know by now what my go-to winter outfit consists of - the basic jeans and sweater combo - but I've only recently realized that this t-shirt dress is my spring version of this. Now that the weather has started to warm up all I've wanted to do is wear skirts and dresses (even if my legs do glow like a vampire). However, putting together an outfit with a cute skirt is about ten thousand times harder than the jeans and sweater combo, so a tshirt dress has become the best alternative. At 7am when I'm staring at my closet thinking about how much I hate all my clothes, this quickly becomes my favorite piece. 

Finding the right tshirt dress is definitely a process. Between the material, the cut, and the hang of the dress there are a lot of factors that can make you hate or love one. So, once I found this dress with thick material and a scrunched waist I knew it was a keeper. Plus, for slightly chillier spring days you can layer pieces on top and still go sans pants! 

SHOP THE POST: Zara jacket // Old Navy sweater // Banana Republic dress // Aldo flats (on sale version) // Madewell sunglasses // Essie meet me at sunset nail polish

My Go-To Spring Outfit

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Happy Monday everyone! This weekend was a pretty great one that I wish could have held on a little longer. It was NYU's Weekend on the Square (WoTS), which is our largest admitted students weekend. I went as a senior in high school and this weekend was the third time I've worked it as student admissions ambassador. WoTS is the kind of weekend that brings back all those emotions from senior year of high school, and I love getting to welcome the new class of students! I just can't believe that they'll be graduating in 2020. It weirdly makes me feel old...

After working all weekend, as fun as it is, I was in need a bit of a treat. Instead of spending the entire evening inside doing homework, I convinced one of my roommates into getting tacos with me. We tried out a new-to-us place called Lupe's on 6th Ave. Not only was the decor adorable, but my fish tacos were delicious and everything was under $15 - suffice it to say, we will be going back very soon.

Getting to sit outside with a delicious dinner as the sun was setting was truly the perfect end to the weekend. It reminded me that those magical summer nights in NYC that everyone loves so much are just around the corner. So as much as I'm not exactly prepared for this week, this weekend left me feeling all sorts of good things :)

Also, for those of you in the New York area, don't forget that this Saturday is the next Lovely Happenings event! I'll be speaking on the fashion panel, and I couldn't be more excited. I've given a few more details in my sidebar, but you can also learn more and buy tickets here

PS I'm still so in love with these Steve Madden sandals! Every time the weather is warm enough I pull them out because they are just so cute and go with everything! And really, who doesn't love tassels? Check out Steve Madden's coupon page here

SHOP THE POST: Zara top (unfortunately very old) // Madewell jeans // Steve Madden sandals // unknown sunglasses (borrowed from a friend)

Sunday Night Magic

Monday, April 18, 2016

I just keep hoping that one of these days spring is actually going to come back to us. This 40 degree weather still feels kind of like a cruel April fools day joke that's lasted too long. Since I have a few springy pieces I've been dying to show you guys, I'm extra angry that the weather isn't cooperating. 

Last week Tobi sent me this olive top and I can promise you know that it's probably going to be one of 'those' shirts this summer that I wear every weekend. Weather wise it definitely hasn't been warm enough to really wear out yet without a lot of layers on top, but even so I loved the way it looked with my sweater and leather jacket on top (a true transitional piece ya know?). Of course though, the best part of the top is the off the shoulder bell sleeves. Check any retailer and you'll see that the off the shoulder style is back and truly better than ever. This shirt mixes the comfort of having straps with the adorable off the shoulder style, so you don't have to worry about any mishaps. In a month or so you'll probably see me pairing this top with my favorite shorts, but for now bring on the layers. 

SHOP THE POST: Tobi top // Old Navy sweater // Zara jacket // Gap jeans // BP Nordstrom Booties // Old Navy bag
Plus, check out more from Tobi here: Dresses, SkirtsMidi + Maxi Dresses, Rompers, Crop-Tops 

Outfit: Under the Layers

Monday, April 11, 2016

Spring in New York is one of those 'don't blink or you'll miss it' types of things. The city starts to come alive again and everyone finally emerges from their apartment hideaways, but a moment later it's either freezing again or the blooms have turned to leaves. 

It is definitely a privilege being able to experience the beautiful seasons in NYC, but sometimes I forget how special they really are when midterms and interviews are taking over my life. Luckily, last weekend I had a bit of free time to just roam the West Village with a couple friends. We ended up climbing a few trees (hiding out from the 'park rangers') and taking a lot of ridiculous pictures. 

Every spring is different in the city, so I always try to save my favorite pictures and look back on them. I did a post last year with my favorite springy pictures and I'm thinking it's definitely going to become a tradition. 

My roommate Alice is the queen of sporty weekend wear. I wish I looked that cute in a baseball cap!
Unfortunately, it was freezing last weekend so I piled on the layers. I'm wearing this extra warm sweater, a chambray top, and Zara leather jacket. Plus, I'm wearing a tight tank top underneath all those layers...
I am in love with this picture. Could spring look any prettier?

Spring in the West Village

Friday, April 8, 2016

Despite temperatures falling to the low 40s yesterday, it truly feels like spring has arrived to NYC. The flowers are blooming, people are walking around jacketless, and I even saw my first ice cream truck of the season. Now that I've started to get a feeling for what this spring will look like, I wanted to share a few of my favorite spring pieces (both old and new) that have been defining my wardrobe. 

1) Breezy Shift Dresses - I have a love/hate relationship with loose dresses, but I fell in love with this one from Banana Republic while in Chile. I've wanted to wear it nonstop since it feels so easy to throw on with anything from boots to sneakers to sandals. The key to these dresses, no matter your body shape, is to find the right size so that it hugs your figure while still being a little loose. You might end up sizing up or down depending on the dress, so try on multiple sizes!

2) Tassel Sandals - I'm such a sandals girl and I always break out my opened toed shoes the moment it's even somewhat appropriate. So, I was extra excited this year when Steve Madden sent me these tassel sandals. I've wanted a pair like this for so long and these ones are honestly perfect. My roommates can attest to the fact that once I put them on the only thing that made me take them off was 35 degree weather and the threat of snow. 

Steve Madden also showed me an awesome secret - they have a coupon page where you can go to find all the best deals. Plus, don't forget if you present you student ID in stores you get 10% off!

3) Punchy Hued Essie Polish - Usually in the spring I'm all about light pinks or nude colored polish, but this year I can't get enough of bold reddish orange polish. I keep going back to my old summer favorite Geranium, but I also just found a new favorite called Meet Me at Sunset. 

4) Off-The-Shoulder Tops - These tops were a staple in my wardrobe last summer, so I thanked my lucky stars when almost every SS 2016 collection featured an off the shoulder top. I haven't bought any new ones yet this year, but I have no doubt that I'll be dropping more money on this trend. Whether you like long sleeve, short sleeve, cropped, or tunic length there is a off the shoulder top for everyone because they are just so darn flattering (can you tell I'm obsessed?)

5) The Classic Leather Jacket - When days go from 70 and sunny to 40 and blustery I'm always reaching for my leather jacket. I feel like every NYC dweller has a leather jacket because they are just so versatile. Yesterday I stayed extra warm with a warm sweater underneath and just a few days before that I was tossing it over a dress. One day I'm hoping I'll be able to afford this $1,300 version, but for now I'm pretty happy with my worn in Zara bestie.

Plus, all the options below are under $100!

Caroline's Covets N.12

Monday, April 4, 2016

Hello again everyone. I definitely didn't intend to come back from spring break and then disappear for over a week again, but you all know - sometimes life (aka exams, essays, and interviews) have to get priority. Plus, it feels like I haven't had a weekend where I don't travel in SO long. Last weekend I headed home for a quick trip for Easter, and while it felt like I spent most of the weekend on a bus, it was very worth it.

During easter I also tried out a trend that definitely isn't new, but has always felt awkward on my 5'4" figure - Midi skirts. I found this skirt at Marshalls for under $25 the day before Easter and knew it would be perfect. Unfortunately, I didn't bring a top home that I felt worked perfectly. I settled for this grey blouse, but in the future I'll definitely be re-wearing this outfit with a tighter top, maybe even with stripes :) Adding nude heels and a bouquet of flowers definitely completed the springy feeling, even if it was only 45 degrees in MA on Easter.

Also, happy April everyone! I'm so ready for warmer days ahead!

Shop the post: Old Navy blouse, unkown skirt, Nine West heels

Spring Midi-Skirt

Friday, April 1, 2016
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