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Hands down the best part of Chile were the incredible views everywhere we went. Whether you were down in the city looking up at the mountains or vice versa the sights were just magnificent. During my trip the two spots that tied for best views were San Cristobal Hill and the rooftop bar at the W Santiago. 

To reach the top of San Cristobal Hill you hop on a little trolley that goes up a seriously steep part of the mountain (definitely tested my fear of heights). The views are pretty crazy going up in the trolley, but the moment you step out at the top you're just hit by how incredible this place is. I honestly could have spent all day just sitting by the edge looking out over the city. 

The statue of the Virgin Mary was definitely a mini version of what I imagine the statue of Christ to be like in Rio. While we were there the sun was directly behind her head, making it look like the statue actually had a halo... I'm running out of adjectives, but it was truly amazing. 

By the way, I LIVED in these espadrilles while I was in Chile. They were the perfect break from sandals when my feet needed some support. If you're traveling this summer, or even if you're just looking for new summer shoes, espadrilles are the way to go. My suggestion is definitely to go with the brand Soludus, but the key is really finding a fun pair that you love. 

Sights & Soludos

Hands down the best part of Chile were the incredible views everywhere we went. Whether you were down in the city looking up at the mo...
Wednesday, March 23, 2016

I'm back from Chile and after two nights of getting 12 hours of sleep I'm starting to actually feel like a human again. I tried to make the most of my 4 days in Santiago, so I barely got more than three hours of sleep on the nights I was there. I have so many pictures from the week and I'll be taking the next week or so to share all my incredible experiences. 

After arriving at the hotel at 7am on Monday a group of friends and I rallied (plane sleep is not restful sleep) and headed to Concha y Toro Vineyard, the largest producer of wine in South America. From tasting the grapes to taking in the views of the mountains it was the perfect introduction to Chile. Of course, starting off the day with a couple glasses of delicious wine wasn't half bad either ;)

Before I continue with the rest of my vineyard experience I have an exciting announcement for you all! In April I'll be speaking on a panel of fashion bloggers at Lovely Happening's next event. I'm both nervous and excited since this is the first real panel I'll be speaking at, but I hope to see a lot of you there. Besides the panel I'm on there are going to be plenty of workshops and booths to help get your creative juices flowing again! I'll share a few more details as we get closer, but buy your ticket now before they sell out! 

See what I mean about the views? So AMAZING!
After the tour we had some time to explore the wine shop and just hang out on the beautiful patio you can see below. After such a long winter just getting to sit outside in a dress and sandals felt so perfect. Plus, the ivy hanging all over the buildings was gorgeous. 

 This dress was a great buy! Just the right combination of swingy and fitting so that I didn't feel like I was wearing a paperback (which is usually how I feel in loose dresses). Unfortunately, I bought it at a Banana Republic Outlet Store and it isn't online anymore. There are so many cute options at BR Outlet online though right now. I love this option and this option.

 I'll be back Wednesday with more pictures from my hike in the Andes!

Chilean Vineyards + Exciting Announcement

Monday, March 21, 2016

It's pretty hard to believe that I'll be spending spring break in Chile this year. I'll be spending the week there with over two hundred students from my school as part of a class I'm taking this semester and it's honestly going to be crazy. We will be touring a Chilean company we're studying, taking tours of the city, and soaking up the summer-like weather!

 I'm also in the process of planning tours of a few wineries and hopefully a hike in the Andes. Basically, I want to pack in as much as possible into the four days that I have! Chile is a country that I honestly know nothing about, so getting to spend time there and then come back and work on a project about the country is going to be amazing. I'm hoping that the spanish I learned during my time abroad in Spain will kick back in so that I can navigate the city and meet some local people.

Unfortunately, since my midterms didn't finish until Friday I've had no time to schedule extra content for this week. I'm going to try to have a post up Wednesday, but if that doesn't happen keep checking instagram for plenty of updates. There will be plenty of recaps and probably even more #latergrams once I get back to US soil.

For the rest of you on spring break this week - have so much fun and remember that you deserve a stress free break from all things school. 

Off To Chile!

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Midterms and papers are the only things on my mind this week, but spring break is only days away and my mind is ready for a break. While I'm not going on a traditional spring break trip I am headed to Santiago, Chile where the temperatures will be in the mid 80s with clear skies all week. I'll be in Santiago with my school for a class that all juniors take, but amid the academic activities I'll have plenty of time to explore the incredible city. A hike up the Andes Mountains is already planned with NYU, but I'll also be attempting to check a few things off this amazing list of what to do with 36 hours in Santiago.

So while I won't be lounging on a beach in a bathing suit, I'll be taking full advantage of the incredible weather and a new city to explore. On my packing list so far are easy espadrilles, swingy dresses, linen t-shirts, and of course a comfy pair of loose jeans to wear on the plane! I found a pair of leopard and leather espadrilles on sale for $18 from Aldo this weekend (I know I freaked out too), so you'll probably see me wearing those all.the.time. this spring and summer. Still on my list though is a pair of (cheap) sunglasses to replace mine that have unfortunately stretched out beyond repair. If you have any suggestions for places to look, please comment :) 

Caroline's (Spring Break) Covets N.11

Monday, March 7, 2016

Another weekend another brunch... that's usually how my life goes. While I've been trying to eat out less, last weekend truly seemed like a weekend to celebrate. After our conference on Friday my team finally had a bit of time to get together to enjoy a meal and celebrate our success!

To my surprise (since I was very uninvolved in making the reservation) the five us met up at Dante, an adorable spot that I've had on my list for a while! You know those places you pass daily and say 'I have to go there sometime'? Well this spot is exactly that for me. 

To get to the point... it was ah-mazing! Not only was the decor adorable and classic, but the food was absolutely incredible. Every dish on the menu was unique and way better than typical brunch food that can get pretty blah after a while. I got pumpernickel french toast with caramelized bananas, but I'm already planning to go back because the baked eggs and avocado toast looked delicious. Plus, the iced coffee was amazing and was the perfect finish to the meal. 

If you're in the Greenwich Village area or shopping in SoHo I highly suggest Dante! Once the weather warms up I'm definitely going to have to go back so that I can sit outside and enjoy the spring weather.

Caffe Dante Brunch

Friday, March 4, 2016
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