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Outfit: Stripes & Warmer Days

Monday, February 23, 2015

Despite the snow that blanked NYC Saturday night, yesterday actually felt a bit like spring. It was the first time in months I could even think about wearing tights without layering pants over them. Since the warm weather wasn't going to las long I took advantage of it and wore my new t-shirt dress. Of course it wasn't warm enough to wear it the way I actually want to wear it (with sandals and denim jacket), but with some thick tights and a warm scarf it worked perfectly. Hopefully the warm weather will be back soon, but for now I'm back to wearing a million layers and jumping over the slush puddles on my way to class.

This year for Lent I decided to put extra emphasis on my New Year's Resolution to wake up before 7am every weekday morning. I had a rough start this past week, but I'm hoping this week it will get better. It supposedly takes 3 weeks to start a new habit, so by the time Lent is over I'm hoping my body will be adjusted to the new schedule. Wish me luck :)


  1. Very cute outfit! I love the addition of the plaid scarf to bounce off of the black & white stripes behind it. Definitely a killer ensemble. :) xoxo

    The Budget Divaa │

  2. Love the way you styled that dress! I need to pick me up one. The scarf looks darling on you.

  3. You definitely should get one! And thanks so much!


  4. Thanks so much Tori! I couldn't decide if it was too christmasy or not, but I always love a pop of red.


  5. Stumbled across your blog through your comment on Amy Stone's and I adore it! Your instagram feed is beautiful!

  6. Print mixing in this outfit is so on point. Love it!

    - Kirstin


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