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Washington Square Park Monday January 26th

TGIF! Between snow storm Juno at the beginning of the week and getting back to a school schedule this week has been a bit crazy. However, it is definitely a good crazy and I'm actually looking forward to my classes and projects this semester. That being said, I also love a good weekend and this one is sure to be great. I'm counting on the Patriots kicking some serious Seahawk but during the Super Bowl Sunday (cross your fingers I'm not jinxing this) and you know I'll be watching the Super Bowl commercials just as much as the game (my favorites are below!). As per usual there will probably be some bagels thrown into the weekend mix, but I do want to break the norm and head uptown for some Central Park and UES exploring. I've been away from NYC so long I feel like I need to re-see everything :)

Now I have some links for every part of your life...

Links for you closet:
BOGO 50% off for tops and sweaters this weekend at LOFT. I pick this and this.  
You can get a beautiful state necklace worth $120 for only $25 with Living Social.
The cutest winter to spring booties for only $75.
Extra 40% off Final Sale at J.Crew! I have my eye on this (only $21!) and this.

Links for your life:
Budweiser's SuperBowl "Lost Dog" ad. I actually shed some tears the first time I watched it.
The best Super Bowl ads of all time. Again, my favorite is always Budweiser. 
I saw Birdman this week and it is definitely a must-see. 
The best chip dips for Super Bowl Sunday!

Links for your New York:
The best things to eat in NY under $10. I'll take all of them.
The Brooklyn Museum has a exhibit on high heels until March 1st.
Meatballs from across the world in NYC. YUM
A beautiful time lapse video of NYC during Juno.

Links for your blog:
Elle and Company's 4 Secrets for Exponential Blog Growth.
This ABM article has 7 amazing free tools to track blog performance.
I loved these 5 Questions to discover your niche.

Have a great weekend!


Washington Square Park Monday January 26th TGIF! Between snow storm Juno at the beginning of the week and getting back to a school s...
Friday, January 30, 2015
Zara scarf (similar) // Zara coat  // Unknown leggings (similar) // Zara sweater // Kenneth Cole shoes

So obviously these pictures were taken before Juno covered the Northeast in snow that quickly turned to grey slush. I don't mind winter when I just have to add a couple layers to my usual outfit to go outside, but as soon as the freezing slush puddles arrive I'm done. This look was perfect for wandering the East Village Sunday morning on my way to get bagels with a friend. A cozy sweater, leather leggings, and slip on sneakers make me feel like I'm still in pajamas without actually looking like I just rolled out of bed. Add a blanket scarf and it feels like I never even left my warm covers. 

Sadly, I'll be retiring all shoes except my Sperry boots until these giant slush puddles recede. I can assure you that on my walk to class tomorrow morning I will be not so gracefully hopping over the frozen lakes. All that being said, NYC did avoid the brunt of the storm and I'm hoping that everyone in New England is doing ok digging themselves out of the more than 2ft of snow they got. Stay safe!

Outfit: Before Juno

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

The last few days have been all about exploring the city and getting back to my favorite spots that I haven't been to in far too long. I have a growing list on my iPhone of all the places I've been missing and all the new places that have popped up since I left the city. I figured my first weekend back was the perfect time to jumpstart checking off my must-visit list. 

The weekend started with a wandering of the West Village, my absolute favorite neighborhood in the city, Friday afternoon. I lucked out and saw some of the last few buildings with their christmas decorations up. Then, Saturday morning some friends and I celebrated my friend Alice's birthday with an absolutely delicious brunch at The Butcher's Daughter. We had planned to go to Jack's Wife Freda, but found ourselves at The Butcher's Daughter after giving up on a two hour wait and it couldn't have worked out better. My avocado eggs benedict was to die for and my vegan friend got to have a real breakfast for the first time in a while. Sunday began with a trip to the East Village for the best bagels in New York and continued with errands and a much-needed stop for coffee at Toby's Estate on 5th Ave. I don't know how they do it, but I swear I've never had a better latte. 

I really couldn't have asked for a better first weekend back in the city. However, reality is quickly slapping me in the face since the semester starts this morning and I already have a busy week ahead. If I survive my first day of class then I will be wearing my pjs inside out, putting a spoon under my pillow, and doing everything I can to ensure that Tuesday is a snow day. Cross your fingers for us NYU students!

A New York Weekend

Monday, January 26, 2015
Happy Friday and welcome to a new Peachy Keen! I'm so excited for you all to see the new design of the site. I am not usually one for reflecting on life or really making resolutions, but as you saw I made some pretty hefty resolutions this year and this has become apart of those resolutions

 One resolution that I didn't write down though was to really make sure to be true to myself and focus on what is important and special to me. I've changed a lot in the past year and a half and with these changes my blog design no longer really felt like me. You know what I mean? Not only is pink really not my thing but I wanted a design that would really showcase what I love. With a simple design and more space for pictures this design was really what I was looking for. 

I don't like to talk about or even admit to the fact that I have plans and goals for Peachy Keen because I still have no idea what my future looks like. I have ideas and dreams for my future, but often they change every day. The only thing I know is that I will still be writing and posting here. Going forward, I want Peachy Keen to be a place that reflects where I am right now instead of what I was like when I started this blog back in 2012 (which can still seem like yesterday sometimes). My love of fashion, personal style, and affordable shopping haven't gone away, but I do have new interests I would like to start sharing with all of you. Since moving to New York I've become so much of a foodie and traveling abroad for a semester has kept me dreaming of far away destinations. I want these passions of mine to be as present on this space as they are in my life.

I couldn't be more ready and excited for this new chapter of Peachy Keen and I want to thank all of you for following along as I figure out where I'm headed. Also, a huge thanks to Stephanie of How Sweet Designs and Phil of Pipdig for my logo and blog design. 

A New Chapter

Friday, January 23, 2015

I'm finally back in NYC and it couldn't feel any better! While my first day back was spent unpacking and figuring out an incredibly tricky closet situation I am ready to get out of my room and explore the city I've missed for so long. 

Whether I'm in New York, Boston, or Madrid I always love scrolling through the instagrams of New Yorkers. When I'm away from the city it gets rid of a bit of my (second)home sickness and when I'm here I constantly find new restaurants, coffee shops, parks, neighborhoods, etc that I need to check out. I'm sure you've noticed that some of my favorite instagrammers are Amy Stone, Hallie Wilson, and Jackie Greaney, but on top of them I have a few more  favorite NYC instagrammers!

@sophiesvob is a fellow NYU student who has an incredible eye for photography. Her West Village snaps cannot be beat and when she travels you'll want to plan a trip with the exact same itinerary. The second picture of hers shown above is from one of my favorite spots, Tea & Sympathy

@aguynamedpatrick makes New York feel incredibly homey (almost like a small town?) with his warm pictures of cozy spots. You'll find plenty of coffee shop inspiration here. Above on the far left is my go-to brunch spot Lafayette

@alyssainthecity is a new favorite of mine thanks to her incredible style and even more incredible brunch pictures. If you need a guide to brunching in NYC look no further than her instagram! She frequents Bluestone Lane, a favorite of mine as well. 

@eggcanvas has not only mastered the mirror selfie, but she also takes a mean food picture and captures New York at it's prettiest. I've recently added Chalait, Reynard, and Cafe Habana to my must-try list thanks to Erica. 

Do you have any favorite NYC instagrammers or must-try spots? I'm always looking for new inspiration! And of course don't forget to check out my instagram. I'll be taking lots of NYC snaps now that I'm back!

Top 4 NYC Instagrammmers

Wednesday, January 21, 2015
Stradivarius coat | Max Studio sweater via TJ Maxx | American Eagle jeans
Target hat | Nine West slip ons (similar)

Continuing on with the trying new things trend I started last week with a bright red turtleneck, I brought home a black fedora and a blush sweater. If you follow me on pinterest you know that I'm constantly pinning pictures of women in amazing hats, but until now I'd never really gotten into the trend myself. I finally convinced myself that the risk of looking stupid was worth the possible reward, and I kind of loved the end result. 

Then, of course, we have the blush colored sweater, that I've worn an unmentionable amount of times this week. After being inspired by Julia Engel's beautiful blush looks and Amy Stone's perfect pastel coat I felt like I needed a little bit of spring in my wardrobe. So, when I found this beautiful sweater for only $30 at TJ Maxx (while I was supposed to be looking for sheets) I went straight to the register. 

Who would have thought that my new favorite look could be made up of pieces I never thought I'd ever wear? 

Outfit: Hats Off

Monday, January 19, 2015

A new year means plenty of new covets and midway through January is when I generally deem it appropriate to have a wish-list again, so here I am with the first covets of 2015. 

I'm not sure what it is, but I'm been gravitating towards olive greens and golds outside my usual black, grey, and blue denim. If I could only create a wardrobe of these colors (plus white) I think I'd be ok with it. Little pops of gold on a soft tee add a bit of fun, while at the same time white stripes on the sleeve of a tshirt somehow make it ten times better than any tshirt dress I've found before. Plus, how cute would that color blocked b&w dress look with the black sandals? 

Happy Friday to you all! I'll be spending my weekend hanging out with family and packing to go back to school Tuesday. What plans do you have for the weekend?

Caroline's Covets N.1

Friday, January 16, 2015
Spring semester is fast approaching (and for many of you I'm sure it has already arrived.). The best way to achieve your goals is to start the semester on a good note. So, I've put together the 5 most important steps to starting your semester off right!

1. Sit down and pre-write events for the semester in your planner
You know those meetings in a month or the conference you're attending in May? Well they may seem far off now, but time will wiz by so take time now to write everything down in your calendar or planner so that you don't miss anything important. Plus, it's always good to know how your schedule looks in the long term. You may not have even started thinking about that crazy important english paper due in two months, but if it's written down in your planner you'll know not to commit to a huge event the weekend before. 

2. Write down your weekly schedule
As important as it is to look forward you must also know what is happening on a weekly basis. I like to start the semester off by creating a weekly schedule image with all my classes, club meetings, work meetings, and shifts for admissions ambassadors. The first few weeks I check this schedule all the time, but as the semester continues having things written down makes it easy to remember when you are and aren't free before you make commitments.

3. Create a plan for each of your classes. 
Are you going to use your computer or a notebook for notes? Which professors are going to give out handouts and which expect you to write your own notes? These questions can usually be answered after your first class so during the first week of school make sure to figure out your plan for each class so that when the real work comes along you are already organized. 

4. Organize your desktop. 
Go through last semesters desktop folders for your classes and then consolidate them into a 'Fall 2014' folder. Delete any work that you'll never look at again or draft versions of essays so that your archives aren't full of junk. Then set up new folders for your classes and projects this semester. I also like to create subfolders for certain classes such as Problem Sets, Essays, etc.

5. Get into a healthy daily routine. 
If I don't get into a healthy routine the first week of classes then it isn't going to happen all semester. Starting off the semester by eating three healthy meals, getting enough sleep, and going to the gym will set you up in the best way possible to continue those healthy habits for the rest of the semester. 

5 Steps to Starting the Semester Off Right

Wednesday, January 14, 2015
Zara peacoat (similar) // Sfera sweater // Gap jeans // Nine West boots // J.Crew scarf (similar)

Winter has officially arrived in New England! In the last week or so we've gotten a few different snow spurts, but a few days ago a measurable amount actually fell for the first time. I know I'll be sick of the snow in no time at all, but for now I'm loving the winter wonderland my town has become (though yes I'd always rather the weather be warmer). Now that I'm home with full access to my favorite shoes again these OTK boots have been on repeat. For a little extra warmth I added knee high socks underneath them before heading out into the snow. Plus, this extra warm scarf that I received for Christmas is the perfect way to add a pop of pattern to a dark look. 

What is your go-to look for a chilly snow day?

Outfit: Snowdays

Monday, January 12, 2015

If you had asked me last month what I thought of turtlenecks you would have gotten a long tangent about how they are the ugliest piece of clothing (worse than leggings) that just end up making your neck itchy. Well fast forward to the present and I'm showing you an outfit complete with a bright red turtleneck. 

After seeing turtlenecks all over the internet and actually loving the way Sloane of Sailing The Sea of Style styled them I couldn't help but bring this extra soft one home from J.Crew Factory. For a day of catching up on work and running errands I paired it with casual jeans and slip ons, but next I think I'll be styling it with my OTK boots and some dressier pieces. 

What do you think about the return of turtlenecks? Yay or nay?

Outfit: Turtlenecks?

Thursday, January 8, 2015
Since getting home in December I've been preparing to write this post and here it finally is! Packing for my semester abroad was stressful and I have no doubt all of you starting to pack are feeling the same way. I spent over two hours with a friend trying to figure out which shoes each of us were going to bring for the semester. We definitely talked about our packing as if it was life or death. Almost every girl I know has too many clothes and shoes to bring everything they love abroad with them, but hopefully with this post I can help you pick what to bring and what to leave at home. 

Choosing Suitcases:
When it comes time to pack for study abroad, one of the biggest decisions you'll make is which suitcases to bring with you. I know some people who can get away with one checked bag and one carry on, but for most of us that would be an impossible feat. I originally wanted to bring one extra-large suitcase, a medium sized suitcase, and a carry-on duffel, but luckily I was reminded of the ever present weight limit of 50 lbs. An extra-large suitcase will easily go over weight, so if you're going to bring more than one checked bag opt for 2 medium (25in) suitcases and a carry-on duffel bag. 

When you start packing those suitcases remember that you are going to buy so much stuff abroad that will weight a lot and take up a lot of space. If you don't want to pay for expensive shipping to get everything home leave plenty of space and weight in your suitcases. On the way to Madrid each of my suitcases had extra space and only weighed about 37 lbs. On the way home each suitcase was filled to the brim and weighed 49 and something pounds. I'm telling you, when you get bored of the clothes you packed (and I promise you will) and decide to go shopping you'll be thankful for the extra space. 

Bringing some type of duffle bag is definitely important, which is why I used mine as my carry-on. For everything weekend trip you are going to want something bigger than just a backpack (though I did use a backpack for one trip) and smaller than a carry-on sized suitcase. Even if you aren't flying on budget airlines with crazy luggage restrictions, chances are you'll be carrying your luggage a lot as you check in and out of hostels/airbnbs etc so you aren't going to want anything heavy.

I am no light packer, but everyone must make some compromises when it comes to the clothes you pack for study abroad.
- Know the weather of your study abroad location and where you'll be traveling
- Only bring what you wear at home, not the things you wish you wore. Living in a new country won't suddenly make you wear that jacket that has had the tags on it for 6 months. 
- Pack plenty of your favorite basics. Striped tees, grey and black sweaters, skinny jeans, leather jacket, etc
- Pick 2 or 3 special tops that might only work in one or two outfits. You will get bored of the basics and those fun tops will be perfect for a night out. 
- Colorful layers are your friend. My maroon blazer, army green vest, and other almost basic layers made me feel like I wasn't wearing the same thing everyday. 
- Have a few different tops and bottoms for going that can be mixed and matched. I always go with all black, it will never look the same!

By the numbers... 4 jackets, 1 vest, 2 sweaters, 3 cardigans, 2 blazers, 5 pairs of pants, 5 skirts, 4 dresses, and as many tops as I could fit while stilling staying under 40lbs :)

Shoes are easily my weakness and it took me a long time to figure out which shoes to bring and which to leave at home. 
- Again, know the climate you'll be in. I brought more sandals and flats with me to Madrid than my friends studying in Prague and they brought more boots than I did. 
- Comfort isn't everything, but it's important. The thousand year old cobblestone streets are not a joke and you are going to want to be wearing supergas instead of slippery sandals when you're walking around all day (speaking from experience here).
- Bring fewer heels. I love heels as much as the next girl, but it's not worth it to bring 3 pairs of heels when you will only break them out occasionally. Try bringing a pair of heeled boots or low wedges that can be worn for multiple occasions. 

By the numbers... 5 pairs of flats, 1 pair of moto boots, 1 pair of heeled boots, 2 pairs of sandals, 1 pair of wedges, 1 pair of casual sneakers, 1 pair of athletic sneakers (I should have eliminated 1 or 2 pairs of flats)

Bags & Accessories: 
- When it comes to bags keep it simple. Think 1 small, 1 medium, 1 large and then be done. 
- Pick-pocketing is a real threat in many countries. I had far too many friends get wallets, phones, etc stolen because they didn't have safe bags. 
- A small crossbody should be dressy enough to wear out at night but still casual enough to be worn during the day while traveling. 
- A medium sized crossbody that can hold a umbrella, sweater, etc is also a must-have for travel and local sightseeing. 
- A larger tote bag is great to use for school (and safer than backpacks against pick-pocketing). 
- Scarves (for both warm and cold weather) are great for adding color/pattern to basic outfits
- If you like accessorizing with jewelry then bring a few of your favorite pieces, but leave behind your most precious/expensive pieces. 

Everything Else:
- Only bring school supplies if there is something sold in the US that you cannot live without. You will be able to find some version of school notebooks and binders in whatever country you are going to. 
- Same rule goes for makeup and other beauty products. Bring enough of your favorite foundation and concealer for the semester, but don't bring a 4 month supply of shampoo. 
- An external hard drive is a must-have. You will be taking hundreds of pictures and will easily run out of storage space. Instead of dealing with subscribing to a cloud service while abroad just bring along a small external hard drive. 
- Don't forget an umbrella... I did and definitely regretted it when it started pouring on me.
- If you're going to a country where english isn't the local language bring one or two of your favorite books. When you're home sick having an old book you've read five times will be really nice (especially if you can't go out and buy a new one).
- Bring more than one adapter/converter. I spent the entire semester getting annoyed that I had to switch between charging my computer, phone, and camera all the time. There are plenty of cheap american to european adapters out there so make sure to buy one or two extra on top of a great travel adapter.
- Save space and needing an additional adapter by buying a hair dryer when you arrive. While you might not want to risk having a bad straightener a good hair dryer can be bought anywhere. 

The most important thing to remember when packing for your semester abroad is that almost anything you forget can be brought abroad and on top of that, the things you pack aren't even what matter. I won't lie and say you won't think about the pair of boots you left at home every once in a while, but I can promise you won't be thinking of them when you're traveling to new cities and making incredible memories. You will forget about everything you left behind the moment you get to the airport (unless you forget your passport. Don't do that!). Study abroad is about pushing yourself, learning that there are plenty of things you can't control, and so much more. The first step to learning these lessons is packing your life into two suitcases and being ok with it! 

If you have any specific questions about study abroad packing please shoot me an email or ask in the comments below!

A Complete Guide to Packing for Study Abroad

Tuesday, January 6, 2015
J.Crew Chambray top // Madewell coated jeans (similar

Today is the beginning of reality setting back in. It's back to school for my sister and back to a regular work schedule for the rest of my family and it reminds me that I need to force a work schedule upon myself even though I have two more weeks before I go back to school. Unfortunately, it is way more fun to think about the holidays and rainy days filled with books to read and Greys Anatomy on the tv. 

During these simple days of break this easy look became my go-to. I picked up leopard print slip ons from Marshalls to replace my dying leopard flats and since then I haven't worn anything else. Pairing them with coated skinnies and a chambray is the definition of lazy day casual. I can't think of any better outfit for a day full of christmas returns and tv marathons. 

Outfit: Lazy Day Leopard

Monday, January 5, 2015

Welcome to 2015! I spent most of yesterday actually trying to figure out what my resolutions for 2015 were going to be (and also watching a decent amount of Greys Anatomy). The last 6 months of have my life, while actually being filled with a decent amount of work, have felt mostly like a vacation. Going back to school in a couple weeks is definitely going to be a reality check. I'll be taking on school, an internship, admissions ambassadors, and two exec. board roles in clubs I joined freshman year. Don't get me wrong, I actually can't to get all of this started, but I can already feel the early mornings and long nights ahead of me. So, my biggest resolution for 2015 is to master the balance of these things; life, work, school, and blogging. 

I've written Peachy Keen for over two years now and I'm determined to take it to the next level. That included building a real editorial calendar and stepping up my graphic design skills. I've played around with a few different design tools, but I want to sit down and actually go through tutorials so that I can gain some knowledge.  I'd also like to try and start adding videos into some of my posts, maybe with room tours or styling outfits (all tips are welcome!). 

The next two semesters are big ones when it comes to school and I'm determined to do well. A big part of that is staying organized, which means going through papers, taking good notes, and writing down all assignments. I always have amazing professors, but I'm the worst at going in for office hours or asking for help when I need it so I need to start working on that. Finally, as much as it can be tempting to sleep later when I don't have class until 9:30 (and no class on Friday) I am going to work on getting up before or at 7am so that I have a full day to get everything done. 

Every new semester brings changes and life gets crazy pretty easily, but I want to try and remember the important things this year. Making time for friends and exploring NYC are must-dos because I don't want college to just pass by me without experiencing all the amazing things that NYC offers with my friends. After injuring my ankle this summer and then my knee this fall working out has been pretty nonexistent in my life, so with the new year (and healing joints) my goal is to get back to a normal workout schedule to get back shape. 

What are your resolutions for 2015? Do we share any goals? I'm always looking for other great (and attainable) goals!

2015 Resolutions: Blogging, School, & Life

Friday, January 2, 2015
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