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Outfit: That Time of Year

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

I made the mistake of leaving all but one of my plaid shirts at home when I left for Madrid. I was in the summer mode where you can't imagine what you you're going to want to be wearing once the chilly weather actually hits. So, when it did finally start to cool down in Madrid I immediately went out and found the perfect oversized flannel. Pairing it with ripped jeans and leopard flats (which I wear all.the.time) was just right for Christmas market exploring over the weekend. Plus, I may be repeating a very similar look for Thanksgiving in just a few days!


  1. Love this outfit! I'm a Mainer so flannel is basically an entire section of my closet and I can't imagine going through colder months without it!

  2. Forget flannel, I'm moreso obsessed with those LEOPARD FLATS! Those are absolutely perfect and gorgeous and I want them.


  3. This is the perfect fall outfit! Love it, Caroline!

    Constance || Prep Northwest


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