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Styled: The Art of Layering

Monday, October 6, 2014

It's that time of year again when mornings are extra chilly and afternoons can feel like summer sometimes. While this weather can be frustrating it's easily my favorite time of the year and all it takes to love October as much as I do is to master the art of layering. The right layers are the key to feeling warm (and looking stylish) in the morning without overheating throughout the day/

For me, the four key pieces are a blouse, a sweater, a light jacket, and a heavy coat. With these four wardrobe basics you can stay warm well through December. For the warmer October days layer your sweater or cardigan over your button up. As it get's colder add your light jacket (my choice is always the J.Crew field jacket or a leather jacket) and switch the light jacket for a heavy peacoat once the weather gets winter-time cold.

In a couple months when winter arrives you'll still be prepared with these four pieces. Instead of giving up all you know about layering and putting on a puffer coat (I really hate those coats) wear your light jacket under your peacoat. Last winter my go-to was my black leather jacket under my black peacoat. You'll look put together and be incredibly warm at the same time.

The final component is the accessory of your choice. I always reach for a scarf to keep my neck warm during a chilly walk to class, but other great options are beanies or wool hats. A basic black scarf will always work, but since you're coats will most likely be neutrals try adding color or pattern through your scarf.

What are your formulas for fall layering? Below are some of my favorite pieces to shop this fall!


  1. I just found your blog and I really love it! This post is perfect too. I absolutely love the layering look!

    xoxo, Katie

  2. Button-ups are so great for fall because they make transitioning so simple. When it REALLY starts to heat up, time to roll up the sleeves! And you're so right...throw on that cardigan or heavier bomber jacket, or a down number once it gets even colder, and you're golden.



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