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My go-to piece for fall is always a blazer (see this post and this post) and my favorite color is maroon, so when I finally found a boyfriend blazer that fit me perfectly I scooped it up in an instant. I'm sure you'll be seeing my blazer on here soon, but before than I thought I'd give you all a little inspiration for how to wear a maroon blazer.  If you're experiencing the same weather as me (aka way too hot for almost November) try pairing the blazer with a pair of flowy shorts and fun sandals. Then once it gets chilly add dark jeans (or your favorite coated denim) and a soft blanket scarf. The deep color will instantly update your classic jeans and blazer look. 

Styled: Maroon Blazer

My go-to piece for fall is always a blazer (see this post and this post ) and my favorite color is maroon, so when I finally found a ...
Thursday, October 30, 2014

 By now you all know that my plaid addiction is real. I've really been missing my thick plaid shirts that I left so much that when I discovered Mulaya (almost like a cuter spanish version of Forever 21) and their adorable plaid pieces, I couldn't pass this dress up. It's thin enough to be worn with a blazer in 70 degree weather, but it also makes me think I could be picking apples in New England.  Plus, if you love this seasons burberry cape than you'll be dying for Mulaya's 26 euro version

Outfit: Plaid For Spain

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

A post about my trip to Barcelona is long overdue since it's been more than a month since I went. While not planned, the trip ended up being scheduled for my birthday weekend and it truly was the perfect birthday present I could have given myself. On the train heading to the city someone told me that the year you turn the age that is the day of your birth (aka turning 19 on the 19th of September like I did) will be the best birthday you ever have. After my weekend in Barcelona I have absolutely no doubt that they were correct. The two days had just the right mix of exploring, relaxation, and fiesta(ing?). I desperately want to go back to Barcelona since the two days I spent there was not nearly enough time to really experience the city. 

Strolling Barcelona streets with birthday Gelato in hand (plus there was paella and sangria later). The blue detailed buildings were my absolute favorite. 
Park Güell was absolutely incredible and even though it was about a million degrees in the sun I never wanted to leave. The beautiful landscape, view, and spanish guitar players are enough to make you fall in love. 
I'm a bit of a sucker for palm trees (cause if you didn't know, we don't have them in New England) so I took about a million pictures of the beautiful palm trees on the beach. I barely spent anytime on the beach this summer so got as much sand & salt time as possible. Plus, the water was the perfect shade of blue. 
Just another palm tree picture...and the ceiling of La Sagrada Familia. While visiting I learned that Gaudí actually designed the huge columns in the cathedral to look like tree trunks and the ceiling to look like the top of a forest. It was incredibly impressive. 
As we left the beach one day we stopped by the huge carnival and of course ate our way through it. Spanish candy is absolutely delicious and the sunset over the water as we walked was picture perfect. 

When Sunday came I really didn't want to leave Barcelona and have to go back to reality. I'm still hoping by some magic I get to go back to Barcelona soon and explore the city more, since there were so many areas I didn't get the chance to experience. 

Travel: Barcelona

Thursday, October 23, 2014
{Zara jacket, Forever 21 top (similar), Gap jeans (on sale option), Old Navy sunglasses, J.Crew phone case}

I spent the weekend exploring Madrid and (per usual) eating some delicious food at the MadrEAT food truck festival, but sadly Monday is here and it's back to reality. I have most of my midterms at the end of this week so it's definitely cram time. Luckily, I have the best reward for finishing my exams since one of my best friends who is studying abroad in Prague is coming to visit for the weekend! 

This week is definitely one of those times when I want the next weekend to start just as the last is ending. Plus, this look from the weekend is really all I want to be wearing. Comfortable jeans, a thick striped tee, and a leather jacket combine to make the perfect fall outfit for the weekend. 

Outfit: Weekend Stripes

Monday, October 20, 2014

Happy Thursday! The weekend is finally here for me (no class on fridays!) and with the weekend the sun is finally returning to Madrid. I can't wait to explore the city,  stop by a food truck festival (what that even really is.. I don't know), and soak up the fall weather.

For today though I have my second round of fall covets. The Shopbop sale pretty much overtook this post since it really is one of the best sales of the year (besides the Nordstrom anniversary sale). Almost everything on Shopbop is 25% off (excluding some brands), but it ends tonight so run, don't walk over to Shopbop to get some great investment pieces for less. 

Have a great weekend!

Shop: Fall Covets N.2

Thursday, October 16, 2014

If you had asked me last year if the tasseled ponchos of my elementary school years were ever going to come back in style my response would have been, hell no. I could never have imagined my favorite sweater-like item as a child would ever come back in style because, let's be honest, it was kind of a horrible trend. Well, it seems as if the poncho might be the first trend I've seen come around twice. I didn't believe it was possible for the poncho to become an 'it' item ever again, but I was wrong. 

I fought and fought believing ponchos were back, even when I saw them in the window of the boutique next to my apartment, but after seeing Emily Schuman in an amazing version on Cupcakes and Cashmere this week I gave up the fight. After doing a little internet searching (aka pinning like mad) I decided I actually liked this poncho trend. Unlike the ponchos of my childhood (see here) today's poncho is more like a cape than anything else. 

From heavy textured fabrics to thin cashmeres there is a poncho (cape) for everyone. I mean who doesn't like wrapping themselves in a blanket and getting to wear it all day? For the classic new englander a plaid poncho in deep colors will be your go to on freezing fall weekends. If you want something a little more classic try a thin black version with a cowl or turtle neck with a striped tee underneath. If you can't get enough pattern then try finding a tribal print poncho or a striped option like Emily's. 

What do you think of the poncho/cape trend? Are you willing to try it out or do you think the past should be left in the past?

P.S. The start-up I work for (called Dressometry) has started doing weekly dress giveaways on our Facebook page. If you want to enter all you have to do is like the Facebook page, comment on the giveaway, and tag a friend in your comment. I'd love if you all would check it out! The week's giveaway closes tonight at 5pm EST

Styled: All Wrapped Up

Wednesday, October 15, 2014
 {Mango jeans, LF tee, Longchamp bag, Macys INC flats, Essie Wicked nail polish}

I remember a year or two ago when maroon or 'bordeaux' went crazy on the fashion week runways. It was so popular that it felt like every designer had a different name for the exact same color. Well, I've been wearing maroon since before this craze and I don't plan on ever stopping wearing it whatever the name.

 So when I found these bordeaux coated jeans in Mango last week I knew they'd be the perfect replacement for my black coated pair that I left at home. The color is the perfect way to pull me out of my black and white slump since usually I'd wear this exact outfit with normal blue jeans. A nice perk (one of many) of being in Spain is that the jeans only cost me €30 ($42) when they cost $60 back at home. I'm questioning why I haven't bought everything in Mango yet.

Hope you all have a great start to the week!

Outfit: Bordeaux

Monday, October 13, 2014

Last month I showed you all my list of fall must-haves, but who just wants to wear the basics? Picking out great essentials is necessary for a wardrobe, but finding special pieces, whether trendy or unique, is the best way to make your looks pop. 

So, since I've been lacking on my 'shopping' posts recently I've vowed to start showing you all the special pieces I've been coveting in a weekly post. This week is all about plaid and texture after I was inspired by Liz Schneider's plaid coat on Sequins & Stripes earlier this week. I'm obsessed with the Madewell option above and can imagine the little bit of black lace from the top above peeping out from underneath. The rough textured sweatshirt and smooth calf hair boots also seem to be screaming 'buy me for fall' to me right now!

Shop: Fall Covets N.1

Thursday, October 9, 2014
{Forever 21 top, Zara skirt, INC flats, Rebecca Minkoff bag}

The perfect fall weather in Boston and NYC this week has been taunting me since all I want to wear are my sweaters and jackets that have been stored away for so long. Instead it's been in the high 70s every afternoon in Madrid (I promise I'm not complaining), so I've been forced to find creative ways to wear my favorite fall pieces. 

While I would normally have paired this button up with jeans and boots I would have died sweater in the afternoon sun, so instead I forced myself to shave my legs in my tiny european shower and put on a skirt. Of course the skirt had to be leather, because it seems I can't wear a single outfit without a little dose of my favorite material. And with leopard flats to finish off the outfit I had myself some perfect fall pattern and texture mixing. 

Outfit: Plaid & Leather

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

It's that time of year again when mornings are extra chilly and afternoons can feel like summer sometimes. While this weather can be frustrating it's easily my favorite time of the year and all it takes to love October as much as I do is to master the art of layering. The right layers are the key to feeling warm (and looking stylish) in the morning without overheating throughout the day/

For me, the four key pieces are a blouse, a sweater, a light jacket, and a heavy coat. With these four wardrobe basics you can stay warm well through December. For the warmer October days layer your sweater or cardigan over your button up. As it get's colder add your light jacket (my choice is always the J.Crew field jacket or a leather jacket) and switch the light jacket for a heavy peacoat once the weather gets winter-time cold.

In a couple months when winter arrives you'll still be prepared with these four pieces. Instead of giving up all you know about layering and putting on a puffer coat (I really hate those coats) wear your light jacket under your peacoat. Last winter my go-to was my black leather jacket under my black peacoat. You'll look put together and be incredibly warm at the same time.

The final component is the accessory of your choice. I always reach for a scarf to keep my neck warm during a chilly walk to class, but other great options are beanies or wool hats. A basic black scarf will always work, but since you're coats will most likely be neutrals try adding color or pattern through your scarf.

What are your formulas for fall layering? Below are some of my favorite pieces to shop this fall!

Styled: The Art of Layering

Monday, October 6, 2014
A month ago today I landed in Madrid with two seriously heavy suitcases and a million expectations of what the next four months would be like, and now it feels like I've been in Spain forever. Pretty much all my expectations have been shown to be false and the adjustment has been pretty hard, but I can't imagine not being here. So, I thought I'd share a few of the things I've learned over the last month! 

1. Every daily activity is harder when you’re in a country where you don’t speak the language.

I knew coming to Spain that my spanish speaking skills were limited, but I wasn't really worried. My experience with Europe had been that most people speak english, but Madrid is completely different. It's a rarity to find anyone who speaks any english and that can make little things like going to the grocery store or asking for help feel like huge hurdles. 

2. You’ll constantly be subtracting 6 hours from the current time to figure out what time it is at home. 

Between talking to people at home and working for a start up based in NYC I'm almost always trying to figure out what time it is on the east coast. It can be easy to get homesick when it's hard to get in contact with your family and friends at home, but after a couple weeks you adjust and remember to send a text or squeeze in a facetime when you have free time. 

3. Traveling every weekend is amazing but exhausting. 

In the four weekends I've had in Madrid I've traveled for three of them and while I wouldn't change anything about my trips it's felt like I'm playing catch up every week. Last week I didn't feel rested until Thursday and then I left for another trip early Friday morning. I couldn't be more excited to have the next few weekends just to explore Madrid (and sleep in). 

4. Classes aren't a joke

I know the whole classes don't matter when you're abroad argument, but this semester I have more hours of class a week than I had last semester and my classes are definitely not easy. Between an intensive spanish class (8 hours a week), business classes, and a documentary course I've had a lot of work so far this semester. Plus, I don't want one semester to ruin my GPA. 

5. You can’t forget to make yourself a priority. 

With traveling, hard classes, adjusting to a new city, and making new friends it is really easy to feel overwhelmed (I know I did), and that's when you have to remember to make yourself a priority. Whether you need a night in with ice cream and Netflix or just a long hot shower it's incredibly important to take care of yourself so that the little things don't get to be too much. 

6. Europeans don't drink like Americans do. 

Obviously in Spain it is legal to drink at 18 instead of 21 as in the US and some people can go a bit crazy. The biggest thing I've heard from Europeans (including two very cute british boys) is that us Americans don't know how to handle our liquor. The Spanish have drinks with almost every meal, but seeing someone overly drunk is a rarity. Don't be the American who goes crazy because people will not appreciate it (and incase my parents are reading, I am not speaking from personal experience here, just observation). 

7. You'll adjust to being constantly disconnected to the internet and social media. 

Most people I know, including myself, have cheap prepaid cell phones with no data so gone is the time of compulsively checking instagram and twitter. While I still come home at night and scroll through my feeds I have adjusted to the fact that I can't constantly be updating things. Sometimes I feel liberated and sometimes I try to load instagram over and over again even though I know I don't have service. 

8. You'll have incredible new experiences everyday. 

Even with all the hard parts of studying abroad I wouldn't change anything I've done. I chose to study in Spain because I wanted to challenge myself and have amazing experiences. Yes, there have been some really hard days (I got locked out of my apartment and called a friend crying), but every bad day has been followed by an incredible day. I've seen a palace built in the 9th century, spent my birthday by the Mediterranean, and I walk by the most beautiful buildings during my walk to class every morning. I honestly couldn't be luckier. 

8 Lessons I've Learned From A Month Abroad

Wednesday, October 1, 2014
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