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August went so quickly that I completely forgot that this weekend was Labor Day Weekend. Since I'll be in Madrid on Monday I won't really be celebrating, but that doesn't mean I can't do some last minute shopping! When I was little I used to use the Labor Day sales to convince my parents to buy me clothes before school started so I had the perfect first day of school outfit. Not much has changed since I'm still using the sales this weekend to stock up on my fall favorites. 

Here are a few of my favorite sales for the weekend:

Nordstrom has up to 40% off on both fall and summer items (think another round of the anniversary sale :))!

Shopbop has added hundreds of new items to their sale section. I'm obsessed with their dress and shoe selection (per usual).

Gap has up to 40% off! I am definitely using this sale to stock up on my favorite jeans, including the boyfriend jeans above. 

J.Crew Factory is 40-60% off everything in stock. While I try to be wary of the quality of Factory purchases I can never resist buying up my favorites from last season (like this sweater) for such cheap prices!

To get great deals on designer pieces definitely check out Revolve Clothing's Labor Day Sale. Pieces are up to 70% off! I love this dress and these jeans.

Express is 40% everything! I want this babydoll dress to pair with boots and an army jacket when the weather gets colder. 

Hope you all have a great holiday weekend and celebrate the end of summer with plenty of beautiful weather. I'm headed to Madrid on Saturday night so make sure to watch my instagram for updates!

Shop: Labor Day Sales

Vince Camuto jacket // Rebecca Minkoff bag // Gap boyfriend jeans J.Crew Factory striped top // Splendid tank dress // Steve Madde...
Thursday, August 28, 2014

I am no master packer, but thanks to the worldwide web (aka google and pinterest) it is easy to find the master packers out there. I am pretty horrible at packing light so the prospect of packing for four months away has been pretty daunting. I am driving distance away from NYU so I usually have the whole back of an SVU when I pack for school (this hasn't helped my packing skills). Now that I'm flying across the atlantic ocean to go to school my packing space is much much smaller and I still have to pack for 2 to 3 seasons. I'll be bringing two medium sized (25in) checked suitcases along with my Stella & Dot weekender as a carry on. Two checked bags is more than most people bring, but my airline had a good deal on a second checked bag so I decided it would be safer to do two bags instead of one giant one that could easily go over the weight limit. 

I've spent the last month searching for the best packing (specifically study abroad packing) tips so that I could fit my whole closet all the essentials in my suitcases and I thought I'd share some of them with you all. 

Ahead of time:
- Use the hanger flipping method to find out what you actually wear and what you don't so you know what isn't worth packing. 

- Find out specifically the climate of where you are going and the amount it rains. My friends going to Prague had to pack plenty of boots, but I'm only bringing one 'snow proof' pair of boots. 

- Only buy new clothes that replace old ones. That means if you buy a new pair of jeans you must get rid of a pair of jeans (I know I know this is a hard one). 

Before Packing:
- This may seem obvious, but plan to wear your heaviest pieces on the plan. I'm planning on wearing my biggest/heaviest boots and bringing my biggest jacket as a pillow. 

- Make a list of the pieces that you know are your must-haves without looking in your closet or drawers. These are the most important pieces to pack!

- The Rule of Threes is a smart guideline. The rule of threes means if you cannot wear a piece in at least three different outfits don't bring it. Try to follow this as much as possible, but it's ok if you have one or two of your favorite pieces that only work one way (as long as you know you'll wear them). 

- Cut down on the shoes. To be honest picking shoes has been the hardest part of my packing (but you probably already knew that...), but the most important part of shoe packing is picking practical shoes. What that means is brining comfortable shoes that you actually like. I'm not someone who will wear sneakers or tevas for everyday wear, so my version of practical is comfortable brown flats, flat sandals, and ankle boots (plus a few more shoes). 

While Packing:
- Lay out everything you plan to put in your suitcase and organize it by type and weight so that you can roll effectively.

- After laying everything you want to bring out write a list of all of it and then cross off what you don't actually need. I'm not one for the get rid of 50% of what you think you want method because I usually weed things out as I start planning. 

- Roll your clothes the right way and when you are done organize them in packing cubes or ziploc bags so that the rolled pieces don't unroll.

- Line the bottom of your suitcase (where the awkward indents from the handle are) with shoes. 

- Stuff roomier shoes with socks to keep their shape and use less space. 

What do you think of these packing tips? Have you all used any of them before? I would love to hear any of your packing tips!

How to Overpack Effectively

Wednesday, August 27, 2014
{___ dress, Steve Madden wedges (similar), Rebecca Minkoff bag}

I love any excuse to wear a fun dress and an early birthday dinner this weekend was the perfect time to pull out this dress I bought on super sale a couple of weeks ago. This fun cut of of the top part and the fact that the dress almost screams 'twirl me' made me fall in love with it in the store. I was attempting to wait to wear it for my actual birthday in a month, but when my mom suggested we have an early birthday dinner with my family (since I'll be away for me real birthday) I figured I had waited long enough. 

I leave for Madrid in just five days and I'm freaking out! Let me know if you have any study abroad packing tips :)

Outfit: A Dress for Twirling

Monday, August 25, 2014

Fall shopping may be my favorite part of the year. I've always been a jacket, jeans, and sweater kind of person and I love the first few crisp mornings when you get to break out the layers. Since I can bring a limited amount of clothing with me to Madrid I've been focusing on my must-haves for fall so that I don't go without any of the classics and new must-haves. 

A Black Blazer
Everyone should have some type of blazer blazer. Mine is probably 4 years old, but I love it and will probably cry the day I have to replace it because everything about it is perfect. 

The Striped Tee
I own about a million striped tees. The key is to know what your favorite shape and stripe is so that you find the one that you are going to want to wear literally every day. You can wear the tee alone for warmer days and add lots of layers for chillier ones. 

Leopard Flats
When people say leopard is a neutral they aren't lying. Leopard flats will go with everything in your closet and can easily pair with other patterns. If you don't already own a pair of leopard flats I suggest trying out the d'orsay shape because they make your legs look a million miles long. 

Leather Leggings
Ok these are definitely a new classic and there about a million different pairs out there that you can look through. I suggest looking for a thicker pair so they are more like pants than leggings and definitely try them on before you buy. Leather pieces aren't going anywhere soon so if you don't already own a pair now is the time to get one!

Over the Knee Boots
In my opinion over the knee boots are the new riding boot (they kind of are riding boots right?). They work perfectly with both jeans and skirts/dresses and will pull your whole look together. My favorite are the Stuart Weitzman 50/50 ones from last season, but the ones above are almost identical for a fraction of the price.

The Big Scarf
Whether a blanket scarf or just a comfy wool scarf everyone needs a go-to heavy fall scarf for the extra chilly mornings. I always like a classic plaid and major points if you pair it with your striped tee or leopard print flats. I'm obsessed with the Zara scarves for fall. 

The Crossbody Bag
Fall weather is perfect for exploring wherever you live and a no hands bag makes this exploring extra easy. I mean who wants to be clutching a bag while trying to pick apples or pick through an outdoor market. Go for a classic neutral that works the best for your wardrobe and try looking at a few different sizes to figure out works best for you. 

Boyfriend Jeans
While I don't think the skinny jean is going anywhere the boyfriend jean is definitely here to stay. They were probably a summer staple for you, but try pairing them with a chunky sweater and ankle boots for the colder weather ahead. 

The Leather Jacket
There is a leather jacket out there for every kind of style so you should definitely own one. I searched for months before finding the perfect (faux) leather jacket, but once you find the right one you'll never stop wearing it. If you don't want to spend a lot check out places like Forever 21 and Necessary Clothing. Zara and Mango also have great options for around $100. 

The Chambray
This is a year around classic that everyone should own at least one of. I have four (but one is old and ripped and I just refuse to get rid of it). A chambray is a piece you should splurge on because you'll have it forever. My favorite is the classic J.Crew chambray shown above. 

Ankle Boots
Just like most of my must-haves there are so many options for ankle boots. A fall 2014 favorite is the Chelsea boot, but the key is to find the right boot for your wardrobe. I like my ankle boots to have a little bit of heel and look good dressed up or down. I just bought these boots in black! 

The Fisherman Sweater
A big chunky sweater is going to make you so happy on those lazy mornings when you're running late and on a better morning you can dress it up with a fun skirt. My color of choice is always cream or olive. 

What do you all think of my Fall Must-Haves? Do you have any must-have of you own?

Shop: The New Fall Must-Haves

Thursday, August 21, 2014
{Zara blazer, unknown top, Gap jeans, Old Navy flats}
Photos taken by Briana at A Holistic Approach

Ok so I have a shoe problem. My dad has started calling me Imelda Marcos (she's famous for owning a thousand pairs of shoes). I don't own close to 1000 pairs of shoes, but my collection is growing pretty quickly. Shoes are one of those things that I just can't resist buying if a good (or even ok) deal comes my way. 

Now I'm sure you've all seen the Vince D'orsay Flats, well I'm absolutely in love with the nude ones. I look at them online way to often, but there is no way I can afford the almost $300 price tag. Instead I've been hunting to find another similar option for much much less. So a couple of days ago when I found this nude pair at Old Navy I freaked out. The front of the shoe looks almost identical to the Vince pair and the open back is actually really fun! Of course when I walked through the door my dad made another sassy comment about all my shoes and how I will never be able to bring them all to Madrid, but I just smiled and started secretly planning how I'll fit all of my favorite pairs in my suitcase. Oh the problems of a shoe addict...

Outfit: For The Shoe Addicts

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

One of my favorite times of the year is right before New Years when all the holiday cards start piling up in mail boxes. Not only is getting mail always fun, but the personal notes from old friends and family that you rarely see remind you of all the people you love.

 On a similar note, as I've gotten older I've realized how sweet it is to receive a thank you card in the mail. Everyone has heard a rant about how young people these days send too many texts and emails and forget about how to feels to actually write a card or a letter. To be honest, I'm all for the quick thank you texts when it's appropriate, but sometimes something a little more special is the right way to say thank you to someone. A card with a cute joke you know your best friend will laugh at or a picture of one of your favorite moments is my favorite way to do something special. 

When you want to do that something special that's when it is time to check out Treat. With Treat you can personalize one of hundreds of cards with your own pictures and message instead of sending a generic 'Thank You' or 'Congrats' card to a person you care about (I'm kind of obsessed with their customizable friendship cards!). After staying with my friend Alice in NYC last month I put together one of their cards partially as a thank you and partially as a 'just because I love you'. While Alice and I talk to each other everyday an out of the ordinary reminder of why she's the best is something that she definitely deserves. This card is almost an mini album of our favorite times in New York and when you put it with my personal note to her inside it really the best way to say thank you to an amazing friend. Plus, we all know everyone loves to check their mail and see something fun waiting for them!

Do any of you ever send thank you cards to friends and family?

The Importance of Thank Yous

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Happy 2nd Birthday to Peachy Keen!

It's crazy to think that two years ago today (ok actually yesterday, but I'm writing this Thursday night) I sat down to write my first blog post on Peachy Keen. Over the last two years the only thing that has actually remained constant in my life is this blog and I've loved being able to share it with all my readers (from family and friends to people I may never get the chance to meet). I look forward to the next year of Peachy Keen and the new adventures I'll find myself on (only 15 days until I leave for Madrid!), but for now I want to look back at a few of the memorable parts of this (blog) year. 

1. Hitting 250 followers on Bloglovin'
2. Starting at NYU and making so many amazing friends (check out my must-have packing list)
3. Finally meeting Hallie Wilson in person after interviewing her for the blog
5. Reaching one thousand followers on Instagram @peachykeencaroline (now 1300!)
6. Becoming a New Yorker with lots of black and leather added to my wardrobe
7. Talking to Amy Stone about all things Gap, NYC, and Social Media
8. An incredible girls trip to the Cape with friends
9. So many delicious brunches in NYC with the best friends
10. Making new blogger friends (like Connie, Ingrid, DanaVictoria, and more).

There have been more than a few times this year that I've stopped and realized how lucky I am for everything I have. This blog would honestly be nothing without my incredibly supportive family and the friends I've made this year. I can't wait for my next adventure, but even more than that I can't wait to be able to share it with all of you. I hope the next year brings just as many amazing moments for my life and Peachy Keen!

2 Years

Friday, August 15, 2014

I'm sure none of you will be surprised to know that when I found this Express top with leather edging I knew I had to have it (#leatherobsessed). I tried to wait until it went on sale to buy it, but after three weeks of waiting I couldn't do it anymore and ran to the mall. To be honest the top really only works with a few pieces in my wardrobe so I don't actually wear it that often. However, every time I put the blouse on I'm instantly in a better mood because I love it so much. If that isn't a good purchase than I don't know what is. 

Outfit: That Special Top

Thursday, August 14, 2014
If you ask me what my favorite meal is I can say without hesitation it is breakfast (well brunch, but I feel like that is cheating since it combines two meals). I could eat breakfast foods for the rest of my life and be completely happy. Eggs benedict, french toast, hash browns... I love them all. However, most of my favorite breakfast foods are time consuming or hard to make so I rarely get the chance to indulge in them, so that's where avocado toast comes in. 

Hands down avocado toast is the easiest and most delicious breakfast food that you can make at home. I can't even remember when avocado toast became popular, but from my first try I jumped on board with the world's obsession. The best part is that unlike eggs benedict I can make this delicious breakfast in under 10 minutes (meaning I eat it all the time). On a morning when I have a little extra time (aka when I don't start work til 11) I always end up making some variation of avocado toast. 

There are about a million different recipes for avocado toast on the internet, but I thought I would share how I make mine since I've combined a couple different recipes I've read overtime. Many people use lime in their mash, but I love lemons so I use lemon juice instead. Once you've made the basic version once or twice I highly recommend trying out variations. For a heartier breakfast I love adding a poached egg on top and if you are a guac lover like me you have to try adding in tomatoes and cilantro to the basic mash. 

What other variations of avocado toast have you made? I'm always looking for new ways to make it!

Caroline's Easy Peasy Avocado Toast

Tuesday, August 12, 2014
Sometimes the best excuse to really explore your own city is to have a friend visit from out of town. This weekend my roommate (aka one of my closest friends) came to visit from NYC and we spent the 36 hours she was here exploring Boston and eating delicious food (both homemade and restaurant). I will probably always love New York more than any other city, but seeing Boston through my friend's eyes made me remember what I love about home. Between the gardens in Boston Common, the incredible italian pastries in the North End, and the old brick brownstones in Beacon Hill Boston can be a pretty magical place.
 There was so much that we wanted to see and do on Saturday that by Sunday morning all that we were up for was sitting outside in the sun with iced coffees. It was definitely the perfect ending to an amazing weekend. The hardest part of the whole weekend was saying goodbye and knowing that I won't see one of my best friends until January (if only she could come to Madrid with me ;)). 

How did you all spend this beautiful summer weekend?

Over The Weekend: Oh Boston

Monday, August 11, 2014

It is crazy to think that school starts in just a couple of weeks for some students! While I’m not heading back to campus until January (well I’ll be in my Madrid campus!), most people are starting to write their packing lists. If you are a sophomore or upperclassman you’ve probably got the college packing down to a science (or you just throw a lot of stuff in bags… whatever works), but for all those soon to be freshman out there the whole process can be scary. The idea of packing everything you need for a year into your parents car is pretty daunting and starting can be the worst part. 

The first thing I want to say to all those freshman is to breathe! Anything you may discover you need after getting to school can either be shipped from home or bought on amazon (amazon prime student discount is the best thing every). However, creating a personalized packing list is the best way to make sure you have everything that is important to you. On that note I thought  I would put together my must-have packing list from what I brought to school last year and realized I wanted throughout the year! 

For your bed:
- The comfiest mattress pad you can find. I spent hours lounging on my suitemate's bed because it was so comfortable
- A duvet cover or bedspread with a fun pattern. Do not buy a white bedspread because you will want to eat and lounge on your bed all the time and the white will be ruined. Make sure you buy Twin XL size! Urban Outfitters always has plenty of Twin XL duvets.
- 2 sets of twin xl sheets. I promise you at some point you will spill on your sheets and you probably won't have time to wash them on the same day, so make sure to have an extra set. 
- A soft blanket. I absolutely love my silky soft blanket to snuggle up with in the winter. 
- Loungable pillows. Everyone will be sitting on your bed so make sure you have big firm pillows. You can even skip the typical bed spread pillow cover for a special one.
- A small side table. If you think you have space for one then definitely bring it! It becomes an easy spot to leave books and your computer when you go to bed. 
- Underbed storage bins. Lofting/Raising your bed and putting storage bins underneath is the easiest way to add space to your room. I love having nice looking ones that are opaque so you can't see the mess that will be inside of them. 
Tip: Your bed is the best place to bring in fun colors to your dorm. Bright colors and patterns are the best way to combat dreary walls and floors!

For your desk:
- A few of your favorite books from home. Whether it is a coffee table inspiration books or the novel you've read five times these pieces will come in handy when you are feeling homesick or uninspired.
- Your favorite picture frames. 
- A magazine filer. So many textbooks and binders won't fit on your desk shelves (if you have any at all). 
- Drawer organizer. All your post-it-notes, pens, and little knick knacks will thank you. 
- An alarm clock. Your cellphone is the most unreliable way to set an alarm and being late to class (even an 8am) is not a way to befriend your professor. 
- A cork board. Staring at a wood shelf or white wall gets boring really quickly. Add a little inspiration by putting up a cork board with command picture hanging strips
- A lamp. My desk had a built in lamp, but if yours doesn't you are going to want a small lamp to use at night when your roommate is sleeping. 
- A stapler & scissors. You will probably almost forget these two essential items!
Tip: Desktop space for spreading out while studying is key, so try to utilize vertical organizers and shelves as much as possible. 
Tip: Try to use school printing before buying your own printer, because usually it will be much cheaper. 

For your bureau and closet:
*I had a separate bureau and closet, but many schools will have armoires. 
- A hangable rod. In both armoires and closets you will usually only have one hanging rod. Adding a second hanging rod below doubles your hanging space (and the amount of clothes you can bring :)). 
- A shoe rack. I kept a shoe rack under my bed and it was the best way to make sure my shoes didn't end up thrown all over the room. 
- Slim line hangers. You will be able ti fit so much more in your small closet with these hangers and nothing will ever fall off! 
- Multi-skirt hanger. This hanger is the best way to hang all your skirts in a small amount of space.
- Command hooks of all sizes. These are the best way to hang bags and scarves. Scarves can also double as bright wall decoration. 
- A jewelry organizer. Whether you want a pretty jewelry box or just a small wood box you have have a way to put your jewelry away so that it doesn't get lost or spread out across your room. 
- A small mirror. When you want to do your makeup without going to the bathroom this mirror will come in handy. 
Tip: Fold out of season clothes and hang what is in season so that you don't have to go back and forth between your closet and bureau when trying to get dressed. 

- 3 square cork boards. Arrange these three boards over the long side of your bed. It is an easy way to be able to switch out pictures without ripping the paint off your walls (you will get fined for that!). 
- A rug. When winter hits you will be so happy to have a soft rug to step out of bed onto. Definitely coordinate with your roommate before buying a rug. 
- A big scarf for over your chair. Dorm desk chairs are u.g.l.y. and they will destroy any sense of a color theme you might create so bring a fun scarf to drape and tie of the back of the chair. 
Tip: Look up pictures of sample dorm rooms for decor inspiration that is actually allowed in dorm rooms. My favorite is this tumblr

For the bath:
- 2-4 towels. If you don't want to have to wash your towels every week bring more than you will need. 
- A towel wrap. You will have minimum bathroom time so make sure to bring a bathrobe or wrap so you don't have to get dressed while still wet. 
- Extra of your toiletries. Aka shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, face wash, makeup remover wipes, razor heads, foundation, deodorant, etc. You will run out quicker than you think
Tip: In the two weeks before you leave for school make note of all the different products you use and don't use. I always end up using hairspray in the hot months, but I almost never used my curler so I didn't bring it with me. 

Must-have extras:
- Command hooks. Just bring a lot of these because you will never know what you are going to want to hang. 
- Extension cord. Wall plugs are bound to be in weird places and you know you're going to want your phone a quick reach away from your bed. 
- A full length mirror. If you have a target/walmart/kmart near you at school then you can buy it once you get to school to ensure it doesn't crack in the car. 
- Laundry soap & dryer sheets. You will be so happy when you use your dryer sheets and your laundry doesn't smell like those industrial dryers your dorm will have. 
- A mini steamer. Ironing boards are a serious pain, but a little steamer will ensure you look put together for a presentation or night out. 
- A to-go coffee mug. I tend to spend a lot of money on buying coffee, but having your own coffee mug will make you much more likely to make your own coffee or get it to-go from the dining hall. 
- A duster and broom. Dorm rooms get dusty quickly and with multiple girls in one area you're bound to shed a lot (which gets gross quickly)
- A weekender bag. You will most likely have quick trips during the year to go home or visit friends so having a small duffel is essential. On the way to school use it to store your shoes. 
- Planner & School supplies. Everyone has their favorite planner and the special way they organize notes for classes, so make sure to bring your must-haves with you. However, don't go overboard because college classes are much different than high school classes.

Wow. I didn't realize how many things were on my packing list until I actually wrote it all out like this. If you want to check out the original post with the pictures from my dorm room (and it's incredible view!) just click here (Also check out my apartment tour here). I hope that this is helpful for any of you headed to college for the first time, and remember don't stress! Everything will turn out fine (even if you do forget a favorite pair of shoes) and your first weeks of school should be all about settling in, meeting new friends, and having fun. If you have any other questions about packing for your dorm room or for clothes or about starting college in general you can ask them in the comments or email me. Also, if you all want another packing post more related to clothes please let me know and I will work on one!

College Packing List

Friday, August 8, 2014

navydress-cutouts photo DSC_0937_zps9cc24d36.jpg  photo b0c8622d-13b1-42c1-84db-25cb76339c82_zpse9ad3506.jpg navydress-summerwedding photo DSC_0946_zpscedeea95.jpg  photo c3047bee-1784-4d78-9346-88b3858424c1_zps2568eaaf.jpg

This summer I've had very few occasions to dress up, but last weekend I finally got the chance to put on a pretty dress and my favorite heels for my cousin's wedding. The whole weekend celebrating her and her (now) husband was beautiful. The views of the rolling hills in the state park were absolutely incredible and the decorations were perfect. It rained all day on Saturday right up until 15 minutes before the ceremony started (if that isn't good luck then I don't know what is) and when the clouds cleared it made for a perfect night. 

Since the day was all about my beautiful cousin the bride I didn't get a chance to take pictures of what I wore, but I just loved my dress and the accessories so much I had to share them. I found this adorable dress the night before the wedding and knew it was perfect. With the addition of gold accessories and a pop of color in the turquoise earrings the look felt perfectly summery. Of course since I had serious dancing plans (and am still recovering from my sprained ankle) my heels came off about a half hour into the reception and I opted for a flat pair of sandals instead. The whole evening was perfect and I couldn't be happier for my cousin and her husband!

Outfit: Navy & Turquoise

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Fall will always be my favorite season. The crisp mornings, clear skies, and changing leaves are just a few of my favorite things (not to mention my birthday). However, what I really get excited about is the ability to wear layers again. I always miss the Soft sweaters, army jackets, and comfortable jeans that make up my fall wardrobe.

When August hits I no longer allow myself to shop for summer clothes anymore, but that doesn't mean I don't want to wear what I buy asap. Instead of packing heavier pieces away until September I try to find a way to wear them in the summer heat. Pairing sweaters and sweatshirts with skirts and shorts is always an easy way to ensure you don't over heat, but the real key is to mix heavier fall pieces with light and flowy pieces that still scream summer. Pair of heavier leather skirt (I love the white one above) with a crop top or sheer blouse. You can wear a graphic sweatshirt with loose skirt with a fun summer pattern. One of the my favorite pieces for fall is a chambray dress. The Madewell version above can easily be worn alone with your favorite sandals now, and later on you can layer it with a boyfriend sweater or blazer and ankle boots or printed flats. 

How do you manage the summer to fall transition?

Shop: Summer to Fall

Wednesday, August 6, 2014
*The comfiest shoes ever, seriously buy them*
*my photographer sister is home and I she always makes me laugh while taking pictures*
*Obsessed with these rings I got at the Her Campus conference*

It's back to reality for me today and the early Monday morning is really a slap in the face. If you follow me on instagram and twitter you know that I spent last week up in Lake Placid and then had 12 hours at home before flying to Ohio for my cousin's wedding. It was definitely a crazy turn around and I'm still exhausted, but seeing my cousin get married was well worth the trip. 

The break from work and blogging last week was much needed. I love writing these posts, but every once in a while it is nice to have a week with nothing on my to-do list (I'm sure all you bloggers understand). I'm back to the schedule now though and have an easy outfit from the lake to share with you all. I basically spent the entire week in boyfriend jeans and these shorts because they are the comfiest summer bottoms ever. I bought them on sale for $20 (score), but I could only find them a size too big, which ended up being perfect as it gives them a very boyfriendy feel. Since the nights were chilly I loved throwing on soft sweaters (this one feels like cashmere but for much less $$$). Basically the key to the whole week was lazy dressing, a good book (I highly recommend), and the perfect view of the mountains. 

Outfit: Lakeside Lazy Dressing

Monday, August 4, 2014

Happy Friday everyone! While this week has been all about R&R for me (more about my trip next week!) I couldn't be more excited for the weekend. My mom and I are flying out early this morning to go to my cousin's wedding! After hearing about my cousin gushing about the location and seeing all the work her and her fiance have put into the event I can't wait to see it all put together and celebrate their marriage. 

I've been pretty off the radar this week, but here are a few things I'm loving...

Anything #NSale related, because really who doesn't keep looking back for the best finds. Julia from Gal Meets Glam just posted another great guide, or you can check out mine for my finds under $80.

Have you been watching the staple series on Damsel in Dior? I love Jacey's picks and the videos are so fun!

I'm on the fence about Hilary Duff's new single, but I've been loving her style comeback recently. 

I leave for Madrid in less than a month (ahhh) and this list only makes me more excited to be there!

I hope you all have a great first weekend of August! I can't believe we are already in the last month of summer, so I'll be trying to make the most of these days before the warm weather and fun days run out. 

Happy Friday + Links

Friday, August 1, 2014
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