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Thursday, June 19, 2014
Summer has hit hard here in Massachusetts, and right on time since the official start of summer is only a few days away. I will never say I hate the heat and humidity (a winter promise I made), but sometimes the thought of having to deal with the soaring temperatures can make me want to sit inside all day. But, with the right pieces (light fabrics and loose fits) and some good humidity hair spray it's easy to beat, or at least handle, the heat. You can shop the post below!


  1. I have seen that leafy palm print everywhere! Love your picks!


    Corbin Bruton
    The Classy South

  2. Love the pretty print! :) Stopping by from the HCBN group of Facebook, hope you can come say hi too!HCxo, Hima
    Hima Hearts

  3. I'm kind of obsessed with palm print! Thanks



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