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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Happy Saturday everyone! The end of my school week was pretty crazy and I couldn't be happier that it is finally Saturday. While I'm working through most of the afternoon I plan to have a lazy evening before starting Easter festivities at midnight. 

On the note of Easter, this is my first year not being home with my family for one of my favorite holidays. I'm missing out on a Red Sox game, brunch, and of course our tradition of ice cream sundaes to finish off the Easter celebration. It has been hard knowing I will be missing all of this and the memories that are made every time my whole family gets together. However, I've been lucky enough to have made my own little family here at school and I'm happy to be with them at church and brunch. I'll also be attempting to convert everyone to the ice cream sundae tradition as well. 

A few things I've been loving this week...

My sister is coming to visit me next weekend and I'm reminded why I miss  her oh so much when reading these reasons it's awesome to have your sister as your best friend

This easter egg DIY is perfect for us fashion lovers. My favorite is the Celine egg!

Everyone I know would love to look like their outfit came straight from a J.Crew Style Guide and these tips are the perfect way to get there. 

These 11 poses that girls do had me laughing to myself. I'm definitely guilty of the 'skinny arm' about 90% of the time. 

Shopbob's sale might be over, but I'm still crushing on this perfectly color blocked striped dress from Edith A. Miller. 

On a more serious note than usual this week I was reminded of the horrific events last April at the Boston Marathon, which many of my friends and family were attending. This article about what it means to be a Bostonian now has really tugged at my heart. I couldn't be prouder to be from such a resilient and amazing city. 

I hope you all have a great weekend and Easter if you are celebrating the holiday!


  1. I feel you about not being home with your family on Easter, being in college it is hard to not celebrate easter in the traditional way. But I am doing the same thing, looking forward to a nice brunch with friends!

    What a great article about being from Boston, that really hits me to the core! Like everyone from Boston, I was shocked and saddened by last years event. And my thoughts are forever with the families that were personally effected. I am so proud to be from Boston and wish everyone a wonderful race on Monday!

  2. The ice cream tradition sounds great! Hope you are having a lovely time.


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