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Save Vs Splurge: Cargo Jackets

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

One of my spring must haves is a great cargo jacket. I found a great option last fall at J.Crew, but I thought I would share some of my favorites with you all. The most important things I look for when shopping for a cargo jacket is the weight, the color, and details. For spring you want a relatively light weight jacket so that you can wear it with other layers. Color and details are definitely personal choices, but I usually look for a darker jacket with a defined waist. 

Since cargo jackets have become commonplace finding your perfect jacket is possible at whatever price range you're looking in. Looking at places like Gap and J.Crew that have classic style is the best way to ensure that your jacket is stylish for years!


  1. I love these picks. I think my favorite is the Gap one. I've considered getting one of these as well, but I think I may wait on this trend and try to squeeze more wear out of my field jacket this spring :)

  2. Old Navy has had some great stuff lately(I blogged about it yesterday, actually!), I saw that jacket in the store the other day and fell in love! I need one! :)

  3. Great post! I really love cargo jackets, but I still don't own one. I have a red parka, though, that I wear all the time. Love the "Save Vs. Splurge" idea!

    Constance || Prep Northwest

  4. I really love that Gap one! But I think it's way too much like the Downtown Field Jacket....but maybe I can make an exception;)

    Pink Champagne Problems


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