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Styled: Weekend Wear

Saturday, February 1, 2014

 After writing this post a couple of weeks ago about weekend wear (ie the most comfortable type of outfit) I thought I would start a semi regular styling post on Saturdays. I used to do styling posts a lot (see here, here, and here), but recently they've disappeared somewhat from Peachy Keen and I thought it was time to bring them back. 

What I absolutely love about this look is the way I can throw a coat over the blouse/sweater combo and be extra warm, but the moment the coat comes off it feels like a summer look (well, sort of). The nautical stripes and white knit combined with cognac leather remind of me of the warm days I'm craving right now, but with practical layering this look can still be worn in the freezing weather.

Hope you all enjoy your Saturday and Happy February! Spring is getting closer by the minute! 

~ Caroline


  1. Love this look! And i'm just like you, February means that much closer to spring! I can't wait to bring out all my shorts and every time I open my closet I wish I could pull out my flowy tank tops. :(

  2. This is the perfect weekend outfit! Love your "styled" posts!

  3. The leather satchel is pure perfection! Love this outfit

  4. Those booties are fantastic! I need to get my hands on a pair!

    Constance || Prep Northwest


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