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{1: Halloween! 2: First christmas cup of the season 3: Kinky Boots on Broadway (incredible!)}
{4: The Row 5: Nylon x Express Flatiron opening 6: pretty view on a cloudy day}
{7: matching leopard print 8: Wash Sq arch on Veterans Day 9: First snow fall!}
{1: The christmas decorations go up 2: Fall colors 3: Foggy evening}
{4: Layers 5: Redoing my inspiration board 6: Rainy day red}
{7: Leaving the city on a rainy night 8: Perfect sunset 9: Reunited!}
{1: Be kind to yourself 2: Christmas wreaths 3: Pippin on Broadway}
{4: A chilly Washington Sq 5: Studying 6: Christmas lights}
{7: Wishing I could have a Christmas tree 8: Union Sq from above 9: Snowy days}

It has been a while since I've put up any of my instagram pictures up on the blog, but with the Holiday season starting I've snapping shots like crazy. While I love fall and usually hate the change to bare trees and freezing temperatures I haven't minded it as much this year. The city definitely goes all out for the holidays and I love walking through Christmas tree stands and seeing the pretty lights everywhere. 

Check out my instagram (@carolinestf)for more pictures!

~ Caroline


  1. Feeling sooooo jealous!!!!! Lovely pics

    Trendy Bow

  2. Love this post! It looks amazing out there!

  3. ahh love all these snapshots! NYC looks beautiful

    love from San Francisco,

  4. I have never visited NYC before, but I'd love to travel their one day during the holidays. It looks like so much fun!

    - Kirstin

  5. Gorgeous snaps! #HCXO



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