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Happy Weekend + Links

Friday, November 22, 2013

Happy Friday everyone! I honestly can't believe Thanksgiving is only a few days away! I'm sad to be leaving the city, but I can't wait to see my family and friends at home. While I'm usually pretty strict on my no Christmas spirit until after Thanksgiving I've already given in this year. If you follow me on instagram you know that the city is already set up for the holidays and I'm eating it all up.

- I'm a huge Scandal fan and this article about Olivia Pope's wardrobe makes me want to binge watch the show for hours! (Link found thanks to Gracey from Stripes & Peonies)

- I finally began pinning to my holiday board on Pinterest again and am now obsessed with these metallic pants! The Christmas season is definitely the perfect time to bring out luxe pieces. 

- We all know about Macy's Christmas windows, but check out Bergdorf's holiday windows. I love the intricacy in them. 

- I love Grace Atwood's DIY necklace with velvet and gold! It would perfect over a simple dress for Christmas day!

- My plaid/tartan obsession got even worse after seeing this spread from Elle Sweden. I definitely need a tartan coat or blazer.

- I'll definitely be taking a trip to Empire Biscuit this weekend after checking out their menu. It's time a little bit of the south came to NYC!

Hope you all have a great weekend planned!

~ Caroline


  1. I will be totally up for binge watching scandal with you! I am so obsessed! Thanks for the credit!

    1. You're welcome! Have a great weekend!

      ~ Caroline

  2. Thank you for sharing such great links! I really want to make a trip of seeing the holiday windows!



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