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Monday, October 21, 2013
{1: Loved this cute sign, but the eighty degree weather made me not love my sweater so much}
{2: The view on my walk back from class never gets old}
{3: Yellow sunsets} 
{4: Cute townhouses in the East Village}
{5: The Motel Life premiere at the Genart Film Festival}
{6: Pretty fall leaves and my favorite nail polish in Washington Sq}
{7: Delicious apple cider doughnuts at Shelburne Farm in Stowe, Ma}
{8: New England woods in the fall}
{9: Perfect fall day in Concord, Ma}
{10: My incredible puppies saying goodbye to me as I head back to school}
{11: Coffee and a view back in the city}
{12: My new fave tea/coffee place and a book makes for a perfect afternoon}
{13: Incredible brunch at Friend of a Farmer complete with pumpkin pancakes and fresh apple cider}
{14: One of the most incredible sunsets I've seen from my room}
{15: An adorable Dear New York bag from Zara after a little coat shopping}
{16: Gorgeous view from the Highline in Chelsea}

My instagram has been going a little crazy recently since I finally got a new iPhone. After three years an upgrade was definitely needed. The camera is so much better on my new phone that I've been snapping a million pictures everywhere I go. I know I'm instagram obsessed, but really is anyone not these days? 

~ Caroline


  1. mmm...what an autumn cozy feeling these pictures just brought me:) thx!<3

    Olya from TLV Birdie Blog

    1. I feel the exact same way!

      ~ Caroline

  2. I'm also so obsessed with Instagram, now I've tried to make less pictures so there would be more like quality over quantity :D but your pictures are devine!



    1. I must say I've tried to do the same thing, but when I end up taking a lot of pictures I just can't help adding them to instagram!

      ~ Caroline

  3. I love these little snapshots-makes me crave for Fall even more. It's still sunny and warm here in CA (no complaints), but I'm kind of aching to wear sweaters and boots and curl up on the couch with hot cocoa!



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